Meet the Makers: Woron

Meet the makers: Woron sustainable underwear
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As we celebrate International Women’s Day for the month of March, it’s timely that we meet the female duo behind Woron sustainable underwear. Anya and Arina believe that when it comes to lingerie, it makes a difference that Woron is a brand that is made by women for women.

As you look to create a wardrobe for life, there’s no better place to start than lingerie and timeless essentials that are built to last a lifetime. Read on for more insight into the inspiration behind Woron sustainable underwear, including some tips & tricks for creating your own sustainable wardrobe.

What inspired you to launch Woron sustainable underwear?

We founded the company because of our strong desire to share our take on the perfect lingerie line. We realised that the first thing that we took off when we got home in the afternoon was always the bra; lower the straps and unhook, followed by an “ahhhh…”. Our aim was to create lingerie that will be the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off! It is comfort without sacrificing feminine shaping, fashion & style – and style without sacrificing sustainability.

How does your environment influence what you create and how you create it?

We believe lingerie is the most personal garment whether you are passionate about it or not. It sets the base for all other wonderful clothing feeling good or not. A wrong pair of panties can, for example, make your entire evening uncomfortable, even if you have the loveliest dress on top. We love the power lingerie has and the comfort it can give if it’s made properly.

Which part of your supply chain has been the most difficult to ensure sustainable and ethical practices in?

Our biggest challenge so far has been to be met with the fact that saying something is not the same as doing something. There is a lot of greenwashing in fashion, so it has been a long road to finding the right production collaborators where we have a common understanding and a mutual interest in sustainability.

Content customers are loving the Modal fabric that you use, why did you decide to use it?

Every underwear garment is sewn in a family-owned factory in Europe from sustainably sourced fabric called Lenzing Modal (Öko-tex certified), which is a fine, smooth fibre made from beech wood. Our modal is created by turning the wood into pulp, extracting the fibre and then reconstituting the fibre so that it can be spun into fabric. The beech wood used in our Modal production is from sustainable forestry plantations growing native trees.

The Lenzing fibre is also produced in Europe, so we keep each step as close to ‘home’ as possible. The fabric is cool to the touch and very absorbent, meaning less waste of water. Furthermore, the fabric is more resistant to shrinkage, fading and graying than cotton, thereby extending its lifespan. And it is just great for underwear because it is both super soft (has a silky touch) that gives that luxurious feel that we are aiming for, and it is also a fabric that naturally has an antibacterial property because of its plant origin.

Our mission is to create underwear that is beautiful yet comfortable and will have longevity, so that you won’t have to throw out your favourite garment every few months to stay chic.

For those new to the brand, what is your must-have product and why?

Our absolute bestselling product is the Woron Mid-Rise Brief Base panties; once you have tried them, you will not want to wear anything else 😉 They cover everything that you want to have covered and the smooth waistband makes sure that they stay comfortable throughout the day.

And for a full look and a silky smooth lingerie experience, we would pair it with our personal favourite, the Woron Move Base Soft-Bra. This bra is created for movement but has quickly become our everyday favourite as well.

Can you share your favourite tip or advice for making more sustainable and ethical fashion choices?

Be an engaged consumer. Ask questions, be curious and take advantage of the fact that you are able to communicate directly with a lot of brands through their social media channels. When you unlock that curiosity, it will become difficult not to act on it, and with the knowledge you build over time, you will make more sustainable choices and we believe that your shopping experience will also be that much more rewarding.

As it’s Women’s Day in March, do you think it is important to be a female duo designing for other women?

When it comes to lingerie, we believe that it makes a difference that we are a brand that is made by women for women. Lingerie is such a personal garment and has such a great power to make you feel comfortable, sexy and/or just right in your own skin.

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