Why Eating Seeds Is Good for Your Health

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Here at #ContentHQ you’ll often find us snacking on Punch Foods Super Seeds – in fact, we always have a tub by our side to satisfy our cravings, especially when the mid-afternoon slump kicks in. While we’re divided when it comes to our favourite flavour, we can all agree on the fact that they always hit the spot, without leaving us feeling heavy or bloated. So we caught up with Punch Foods founder Alexandra Dudley to find out more about seeds: why they make such good snacks and how eating them can benefit your health and nutrition. Discover them below…


“Seeds are pretty amazing and are what I like to think of as natural super foods. There is a lot of hype around green powders, goji berries and others which are generally all natural, but are a little more difficult to come by. People often forget that seeds are in fact nutritional powerhouses high in fibre, contain significant amounts of vitamin E and are super high in omegas. They also act as a source of protein – meaning they are a wonderful choice for snacking as they will keep you fuller for longer.

Similar to nuts and a lot of other produce, the benefits are far higher when you go organic. Generally, when you buy organic seeds you will be purchasing the top grade of seed. It is a little lengthy but seeds and nuts come in various grades, which refer to their age, moisture and oil content.  The bottom grade of seed will be dry and probably a little bitter, whereas a top grade seed will be plump and contain a good oil content. Organic seeds are also pesticide-free, meaning that none of their benefits are compromised. Below are just a few more of their health benefits.


Fuelling – About 1/3 of a pumpkin seed is pure protein. Protein is part of every single cell in our bodies, and without it, our cells just won’t grow sufficiently. We need it to build muscle and repair tissue; boost our metabolism; make hormones and enzymes; reduce hunger pangs; regulate blood sugar and provide us with the energy we need. Bring a tube of Superseeds with you to balance blood sugar levels when you’re out and about – and avoid that afternoon slump.

Digestion – Fibre is only found in plant-based foods. Meat, fish and dairy don’t contain any fibre, which is possibly why so many people just aren’t getting enough. But it’s such an important part of healthy digestion. Seeds are full of insoluble fibre, which isn’t actually digested, but passes through the gut to help other foods move through our digestion systems more easily, keeping our bowels healthy while it does so. Try a sprinkle of Chilli Smoke Superseeds (a personal Content favourite) on a salad or steamed veg, and your gut will really feel the benefit.

Cheer up – It sounds a little silly, but seeds really can make us feel happier. We need serotonin to boost our mood and it’s the L-tryptophan in pumpkin seeds that allows our body to produce enough of it. Aim to go for organic, and eat your seeds with a smile on your face!

Just glow – It’s important to make sure we get enough zinc in our diet in order to protect our cells, and to maintain healthy and glowing skin, hair and nails. Zinc is present in oysters, red meat and spinach, as well as pumpkin seeds. So if you’re focusing on a plant based diet, they’re a great way to get enough. Cacao is also high in zinc, and so the combination of ingredients in my Coconut Brownie Superseeds (where we also use coconut oil, great for the skin) gives a pretty powerful beauty boost.

Deep sleep – Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of tryptophan, which your body converts into melatonin and not only improves our sleep, but also offers antioxidant protection. A handful of seeds on a high protein food such as Greek yoghurt before bed is a great way to get you the beauty sleep your body needs.

Top tip: With nuts and seeds, it’s always worth going organic. Non-organic seeds can be so contaminated with chemicals, and they won’t absorb nearly as much goodness as those grown in nutrient-dense, organic soil. For me it is the taste that makes all the difference. As a bit of a seed addict, the creamy plumpness of organic pumpkin seeds means I could never go back to non-organic.”

If you’d like to try seed oil in your skincare, we have two favourites. Skin & Tonic Naked Beauty Oil, which is essentially superfood for your skin! It’s packed-full of nutrient-rich seed oils including Rosehip Fruit & Seed, Pumpkin Seed and Raspberry Seed Oils. This oil is hydrating and healing, especially on damaged skin.

We also love Intelligent Nutrients Renewing Oil Serum, which is a truly restorative oil and great for feeding the skin. It features the super certified-organic antioxidant Intellimune, which helps cells live longer and stimulates collagen and elastin production This oil feels amazing on your skin, is light and gives you an instant glow.