Meet the Maker: The White Briefs Organic Cotton Basics

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Since 2009, The White Briefs organic cotton basics have been sustainably producing high quality garments that are built to stand the test of time. Produced in a fully certified GOTS supply chain in Lithuania, the fibre used is not only grown organically, but the entire process from field to finished garment meets strict social and environmental criteria – including no GMO seeds, organic farming, certified non-toxic dyes and packaging, and ethical manufacturing.

We chat with husband and wife founders, Peter and Henriette Simonsson, about what drives their brand values and what differentiates The White Briefs organic cotton basics.

In what way does The White Briefs organic cotton basics differ from other ‘basics’ on the market?

First of all, The White Briefs offers outstanding quality. The cotton we use is produced on organic farms, which gives the garment a soft and flexible texture that lasts for years. Moreover, we offer classic designs meant to fit different types of bodies – most of our items can be classified as unisex. Also, there is no logo or text written in the underwear, which is a rare characteristic to find nowadays.

The White Briefs  Daisy Rib Long Singlet at Content Beauty UK

What drives your commitment to being ethical and sustainable?

The White Briefs stands against mass production in the fashion industry. This phenomenon is causing huge amounts of waste, affecting the planet and driving consumers into an endless cycle. We want to promote a better industry by having a positive impact in each step of the supply chain. Sustainability ensures business growth in the future 🙂

How do ‘quality’ and ‘sustainability’ unify in The White Briefs’ product ranges?

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand for us. We source the best materials and choose factories located in Europe (Portugal and Lithuania) where you can ensure fair and ethical labour conditions. In this way, we can keep close control over the production process and guarantee superior quality.

The White Briefs Aloes Singlet | Sustainable Clothes at Content Beauty

How can owners of The White Briefs maximise the life of their garments?

The White Briefs maximises the life of their products with the use of natural fabrics made out of organic and recycled materials. We use quality Pima cotton which provides a soft texture that remains after years. On top of this, we develop classic and timeless styles that won’t go out of trend. They can be used throughout the years by both men and women.

Which is your favourite piece in the range?

We really like the Daisy Long Rib Singlet since it can serve as a comfortable dress or tank top, it is very versatile and can be used daily. Moreover, the Wood Fine Rib Henley is a must-have item during winter; it’s so easy to wear, and keeps you warm and cosy.  We love the lightweight feeling of the fabrics and how they sit against your skin.

The White Briefs Daisy long rib singlet | Eco-Friendly fashion

Call by the CONTENT store at 32-34 New Cavendish Street W1G 8UE or shop The White Briefs organic cotton basics online | Read More: Meet the Makers: Woron Sustainable Underwear