What I’m Using Now – 40+: Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum

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Serums generally come with a host of promises – they may tighten, contour, brighten, soften lines….the list of ‘can-dos’ is often long.  For those of us sporting skin in the 40+ league, what we are really hoping for is all of the above commonly referred to as a ‘little magic’. With this in mind it goes without saying that a new serum arrival at CONTENT is always greeted with much excitement (read – eldest member of the team grabs box, opens and starts applying immediately).

The latest arrival, the new Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum, ticks all the right boxes on ‘said promises’ and contains no less than 35 natural active ingredients to back it up. This, it turns out, is exactly the number of ingredients my skin needs to be fed to see a visible difference in tone and firmness. Who knew? Formulated to be both preventative (it includes the base of the original Rejuvenating Serum) AND corrective I was amazed when I noticed a firming affect around the side of my face at the jawline (I can’t yet bring myself to call them jowls) within just a few applications. Thinking this was a trick of the eye/mirror I was even more surprised when a long-standing customer visited the store and remarked that I looked like I had lost weight and pointed to the jawline area!!! Needless to say we are campaigning Tata Harper HQ in Vermont for a body serum with the exact same 35 ingredients in a 1 litre bottle – watch this space!

Additional Benefits: It seems to be working on skin tone also – I’ve now gone 3 days without my usual organic foundation. My ruddy cheeks and odd patch of redness seem to be calming and disappearing. Impressed!

Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum is available at CONTENT in the UK and is £145 – I shall definitely be investing in it again!

Author: Imelda