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Healthy foodie Olivia Wollenberg is a girl after our own hearts: an advocate of baking and clean eating. Proving they are not exclusive, she combined the two into Livia’s Crumble – a range of traditional crumbles, with a healthy twist – all are free from wheat, dairy and refined sugars, without compromising in the taste department. Actually, the flavour combinations are pretty delicious (rhubarb, vanilla and Acai, to name but one). As lovers of healthy treats, we were excited to find out more about the brains behind the brand and her approach to nutrition and eating. Discover it below.

Your Eating Ethos – For over a year and a half I have been keeping a wheat, dairy, refined sugar and preservative free diet. I was diagnosed with intolerances to these food groups after experiencing stomach problems for many years. Not only did eliminating these foods improve the tummy problems I had experienced, but it completely changed the way I felt in myself. With more energy, better skin, hair and brain power, I very quickly became a huge advocate of ‘clean’ eating. However, I really do not believe in restriction and deprivation and clean eating is often associated with these.  I eat everything I want to eat, including (as I am sure you all know), lots of desserts! When I get a sweet craving, I always satisfy it, but now just in a different way to how I did a few years ago. Cadburys and digestives have been replaced with raw chocolate brownies and crumble!  I just believe in eating totally naturally, and determining what it is that makes your body work in the best way it can.

Best Way to Breakfast – In one way or another, my breakfast will mostly always contain oats. Oats are so versatile, and so I really never get bored of them. I use them for porridges, granola, pancakes and so much more. They are such a great source of fibre and always leave me feeling perfectly satisfied for the morning ahead. Since starting my company last year, the banana Livia’s Kitchen crumble has become one of my favourite breakfasts of all time.  I tend to always pick one of these up when I am on the go in the morning.

Snack Attack  – A mid-morning snack will usually just be something really simple like an apple. I normally need something a little more substantial as a mid-afternoon snack, and I always make my own snacks rather than buying from the shops. I love some raw granola bars in the afternoon made with lots of chia seeds, dried fuit, and buckwheat groats.

Drink of Choice – I love love tea of most sorts, even on hot sunny days. Matcha green tea is probably my favourite, and I tend to always shave a fresh ginger or mint tea after dinner.

A Little Indulgence – Steak is one of my favourite things to have now and again. I try and stay away from eating red meat regularly, so it is a real treat when I do!

Superfood You Rate Now – Maca. I absolutely love to use maca in lots of my baking. It has such a versatile flavour and has so many health benefits and is often referred to as the ‘Peruvian Ginseng’. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, vitamins B1, B2, C, E and is known for its ability in balancing hormones.

Supplement You Wouldn’t Be Without – I don’t actually use any supplements like protein powders. But I do use superfoods a lot in baking and in smoothies etc

Favourite Healthy Dinner Spot –I absolutely love Peruvian food and am so happy that new places in London are popping up all the time.  I love the freshness of Peruvian food – this type of cuisine is definitely my new favourite! I love Ceviche, and Pachamama in London.

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