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With an eating ethos that celebrates good food rather than fads and guilt driven exclusions, Amelia Freer is a nutritionist who knows her way around a kitchen more that most. With a food delivery service, Freer Food and new book Eat. Nourish. Glow (HarperCollins, £16.99) out now we asked Amelia for a peek into her fridge and eating philosophy….

Your Eating Ethos – I hate to give it a name as it’s just what I’ve figured out for me, but I guess it’s closest to Paleo in that I don’t eat grains. I focus firstly on vegetables, then one source of protein from either pulses, animal protein or a vegan source, then I choose flavour from various herbs and spices, and one choice of fruit. To me this is the cleanest way to eat – I learned it from the Metabolic Balance programme that I trained in a few years ago and I use it with many clients and it seems to work well for most.

Best Way to Breakfast – Avocado & eggs are always a favourite.

Snack Attack –  I don’t snack. If I were traveling I’d choose a LoveRaw bar or a few nuts with a piece of fruit.

Drinking Diligently –  I drink Jax Coconut Water occasionally, especially in smoothies or juices. Other than that it’s hot water, occasionally a Pukka Green Chai Tea.

A Little Indulgence –  I drink organic coffee blended with MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides) oil and I drink red wine occasionally, less these days than I used to as I can’t cope with how bad it makes me feel so I’ve switched to tequila!

Superfood You Rate Now – All real food is Super to me! I guess Chia seeds… not so new but it’s a must-have to me.

Supplement You Wouldn’t be Without – A probiotic. and Magnesium. And zinc! And Vitamin D…!

Favourite Dinner – Pure Taste in Notting Hill.

You can read more about what’s in season and the foods Amelia is loving now on her blog here.