WHAT I’M EATING NOW: Lily Simpson, Chef & Founder of The Detox Kitchen

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Healthy chef and founder of The Detox Kitchen, Lily Simpson is not a fan of ‘fad diets’ or calories fixation. Rather, her food philosophy is one we can get behind at Content – her recipes are vibrant, delicious and healthy, without compromising on taste.

With a home-delivery service, two (nearly three) delis and her first book The Detox Kitchen Bible under her belt, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to sneak a peek in Lily’s kitchen cabinet and quiz her on her pantry must haves and nutrition tips! Healthy foodies, take note.

Your Eating Ethos – I try to stick to unprocessed foods, my diet is mainly made up of plant based foods and lean proteins, but I always allow myself a treat if I really want it, I just make sure it is a mindful decision.

Best Way to Breakfast – If I have time, eggs and avocado with a slice of our quinoa loaf. I also love our granola, which I like to top with blueberries and COYO.

Snack Attack  – I love almonds: they are a great source of good fats and protein and keep hunger at bay from breakfast till lunch.

Drink of Choice – I love a good green juice: I usually stick to 70% vegetables and sweeten with a little apple. I’d also suggest eating a couple of nuts with your juice to ensure you are upping your fibre intake, as this is removed in the juicing process.

A Little Indulgence – When I was pregnant I developed a serious addiction to Kit Kats, I don’t know why but I couldn’t get enough of them! Finley was born 7 months ago and the addiction is still here.

Superfood You Rate Now – I always have a shot of wheatgrass or ginger in the morning, it really improves my digestion and helps keep the pesky London bugs at bay – people always comment that my skin looks better then I take them too.

Supplement you wouldn’t be without – I love my Baobab Aduna powder.

Favourite Healthy Dinner Spot – I love Nopi in London; Ottonleghi is one of the biggest inspirations for our food. I love the level of flavour and texture he creates with simple, everyday vegetables…but what I love the most is that what attracts his customers is his flavour and food- not the fact it is healthy. That is just an added bonus!

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