What I’m Eating Now: Holly Redman, Founder of Pure Taste

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A passion sparked by the desire to showcase the best in free-from food, Holly Redman is the inspiring Chef and Founder of  London’s first Paleo and food allergy and intolerance friendly restaurant, Pure Taste. Opening its doors in Westbourne Grove this week, in anticipation of the launch we caught up with Holly for an insight into her nutritional philosophy and to find out more about what we can expect from Pure Taste come opening.

An avid foodie, Nutritional Therapist and chef, since discovering the benefits of a gluten-free and paleo diet,  Holly set out with a mission; to change the way people see’ free-from’ food from one rooted in dietary restriction to one of energising and bloat-free deliciousness!

Catering for over 10 different dietary needs, whilst the paleo diet favours organic, grass fed meat as a part of a meal, Pure Taste will offer alternatives for vegetarians and vegans as well as those following certain dietary protocols not commonly catered for such as GAPS and Weston A Price.

Aside from the amazing selection of healthy wholefoods on offer, what we love most about Pure Taste is the opportunity it offers all individuals who by under medical or personal means abide to a specific diet the chance to dine out with friends! Read on for a glimpse into Holly’s eating ethos and healthy foodie favourites…

Your Eating Ethos… I eat a full Paleo diet, with occasional white potatoes. I’m in the restaurant A LOT right now, so I am mainly eating the food we have on the menu which is slightly more extravagant than I would normally eat, but I can’t miss an opportunity!

Best Way to Breakfast… I make the best sweet potato porridge for this time of year!

Snack Attack… Nuts and seeds, and the occasional piece of fruit. I also make my own biltong (a dried South African meat)

Drinking Dilligently… Coconut water or Kombucha

Superfood You Rate Now… Well, if you don’t count dark chocolate…then kale – baked as crisps or eaten with veg and a great bone broth.

Supplement you wouldn’t be without… I can’t live without magnesium and Rhodiola at the moment (great for stress!)

Favourite Healthy Dinner Spot… I can’t go past Pho for a natural, healthy, filling meal, especially in the colder months.

A Little indulgence… Definitely dark chocolate!