WHAT I’M EATING NOW: Eminé Ali Rushton, Author of The Balance Body Diet Plan

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After discovering Ayurveda, wellbeing expert Eminé Ali Rushton completely changed her approach to eating. She poured her positive and transformative experience in her newly published book The Body Balance Diet Plan, where she decodes the concept of Ayurveda and eating according to “doshas” (Sanskrit for elements).

We’re fans of this book as it takes a holistic view of ‘diet’ and steers clear of fad trends offering clear, simple nutritional advice instead. We love the sections on which ingredients to incorporate into your cooking to support energy levels and feed skin from the inside out. There are also recipes, of course, but far from being a cookbook, it’s a realistic lifestyle guide which promotes balance as the key for a ‘content’ and healthy life.

We couldn’t wait to see which foods have made it to the list of what Eminé’s is eating now:

What’s Your Eating Ethos – I eat everything, except processed fake food. I don’t have caffeine simply because it makes me very jittery and really raises my Pitta. 80% of my food is organic and seasonal, which is the most basic tenet of Ayurveda, as that was all that was available to anyone 5000 years ago (when Ayurveda was founded).

Best Way to Breakfast – Either a sort of Coconut Dosa (like a crispier pancake, which we make with oat, buckwheat or spelt flour, goat’s or nut milk, chia, baobab, maca and cinnamon), and fill with coconut butter and meat, and a drizzle of my local Kentish honey (to help with hayfever!), or a Masala Omelette – black nigella seeds, small pinch each of ground cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, mixed into eggs, then cooked like any normal omelette. Savoury and delicious (with marmite toast on the side, even better, ha ha!).

Snack Attack  – If I’ve had time I’ll make some little breads, bars or ‘balls’ with cinnamon, coconut, ground almonds etc, and love having these in my bag. If not, and I am really hungry between meals, I’ll eat anything that isn’t ‘fake’. Oat cakes with hummus, a small salad, a nut milk smoothie… I have a big appetite and steady metabolism (that’s a Pitta trait) and often eat two breakfasts if I am up very early with children (6ish), so will take a homemade granola to work and have with nut milk at 10am, then eat lunch at 1.30/2, so my meals are still nicely spaced.

Tipple of Choice – I love rooibos, vanilla rooibos, fennel and jasmine tea. I like raw coconut water as it just tastes so much more ‘real’ than the pasteurised sort. In summer I just want to drink watermelon juice all day long, I love it – whizz up massive chunks in my Nutribullet and that’s that.

A Little Indulgence – I love chocolate, but do need to rein myself in as I can get a bit reliant on sugar if I don’t. I’ve gone back to good dark mint chocolate at the moment and that’s keeping me happy after meals. I’ve never been one for booze (so boring, I know) – even at Uni and school I was always the sober one! I won’t think twice about enjoying a gorgeous slice of cake, a pastry, or a bowl of ice-cream in summer, when the mood hits though.

Superfood You Rate Now – We’re loving black nigella seeds at home. Baking with them, making tea with them… they’re a really remarkable immune booster. My husband wrote a great post about them here.

Supplement You Wouldn’t Be Without – Omega 3 Fish Oils. As someone who is prone to eczema, if I don’t have the fish oil source of Omega 3, I really see a difference.

Favourite Healthy Dinner Spot – I have always loved Mildred’s in London as it’s healthy, veggie, and has lovely ambience at night.

WHAT I’M USING NOW:   Eminé Ali Rushton, Author of The Balance Body Diet Plan