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Calling all healthy foodies! Are you short of cooking inspiration of late? We feel you! It’s all too easy to get stuck in a kale and quinoa rut when running short on ideas. So for a little inspiration this month we are adding to our kitchen bookshelf a few new launches, all perfectly timed for a delicious and healthy Spring update to your recipe repertoire. In no particular order:

‘My New Roots: Irresistible, Natural Food That Happens To Be Good For You’ by Sarah Britton
As one of the first healthy foodies blogs to hit the scene, self-confessed “whole-food lover” Sarah Britton has captivated us – and millions of others – with her delicious and accessible recipes. The stunning photography easily won us over but it was the fact that her recipes were based on her Holistic Nutrition background and included detailed information of specific ingredients and nutrients that sealed the deal for us and we have been fans of her no-fad, honest approach for years now. So with excitement we have been cooking up a storm from her first cookbook which features a selection of new plant-based and seasonal recipes to appease paleo followers, vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free gourmets alike. Get it here.

‘The Body Balance Diet Plan: Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Feel Fantastic with the Science of Ayurveda’ by Emine Ali Rushton
We’re not usually fans of the word diet, but this diet is different! Based on the system of Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old science of life, this book explores the concept that each one of us has a prevalent ‘dosha’ (based on constitution and physiology) and that our wellbeing is centred on balancing it: this means living in tune with the seasons and understand how food (your diet) and taste affects every aspect of your health. This book, written by Beauty & Wellbeing Director of Psychologies Magazine Emine Ali Rushton decodes Ayurveda specifically for modern life and we are please to say is the antidote to crash diets. Brimming with useful tips from Emine herself and other leading wellbeing experts, like the very knowledgeable Annee de Mamiel, it features a step-by-step immersion into the plan: from inspiring seasonal recipes tailored to your ‘dosha’, to bespoke wellbeing advice. Extremely accessible, it will inspire you to stay healthy, centred and positive despite our busy lives. For more info visit

‘Get The Glow: Delicious and Easy Recipes That Will Nourish You from the Inside Out’ by Madeleine Shaw
Available for pre-order now, Nutritional coach Madeleine Shaw’s philosophy is simple: ditch the junk and eat foods that heal your gut so you can ‘get the glow’ – as perfectly embodied by Madeleine herself. This cookbook is packed with 100 wheat- and sugar-free recipes which will leave you feeling fully nourished. The recipes are easy to make and won’t break the bank, and as we are suckers for great photography, a flick through this book will have you stopping to admire the view on almost every page. We’re huge fans of Madeleine Shaw’s down-to-earth practical advice! Get it here.

‘Juice’ by Rosemary Ferguson
A fan of juicing, like us? Rosemary Ferguson’s book ‘Juice’ is a kitchen essential for new ideas. Packed with 100 powerfully revitalising juice and smoothies recipes, it’s the perfect aid to a gentle Spring detox and to overhaul health from the inside out. The juice combinations are delicious, but it’s the easy to use indexing that we love. Flick through to choose your recipe by result. The ‘Boost You Mood’ chapter includes a recipe to keep you ‘Happily Focused’ or you can keep yourself bright and cheery no matter the weather with the ‘Not So Bleak a Winter’. The ‘Care and Preserve’ chapter includes tonics for pre-sun, circulation and skin. With cleanse plans for 1,2,3 days, there is no shortage of recipes to keep you happy and healthy throughout the year. Get it here.

‘Plant-based Paleo – Protein-rich Vegan Recipes for Well-being and Vitality’ by Jenna Zoe
There has been a lot of buzz around the ‘paleo diet’ lately and a host of cookbooks released around it, but this is our paleo-cookbook of choice. It’s centred around the idea that our ancestors’ main diet was comprised of what they could find in the wilderness – leafy greens, nuts, sprouts and seeds. We love the inventive plant-based recipes nutritionist Jenna Zoe has come up with for any time of day which are full of flavour: we’re especially fond of the Hemp Tabbouleh with Mint and Pomegranate and feel-good treats like the Green Tea and Mango Cheesecake. Great for vegetarians and vegans! Find out more here.

‘Superfoods: The Flexible Approach to Eating More Superfoods’ by Julie Montagu
Nutritionist, yogi and all-around inspiring health guru Julie Montagu, aka the Flexi Foodie, has published her first, eagerly anticipated book. As avid readers of her blog and huge fans of her recipes, we were front of queue! Expect a beautifully presented and practically laid-out cookbook which shows just how easy it can be to incorporate superfoods, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and seeds and natural sweeteners into our daily diet. Taking into consideration that most of us exceedingly fast-paced and time-poor lifestyles, Julie has created a range of energising and healthy recipes that require very little time or effort to replicate. Two of our favourites are the Broccoli and Shiitkake Soba Noodle Bowl and Matcha Coconut Ice Cream. So delicious! Also, look out for the informative section with useful tips on how to restock your pantry and her nutritional guidelines on eating healthy. More info here.