Well Read: The Unbakery Book by Megan May

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Some of you dedicated Content shoppers (thank you!) may remember Megan May, she was our first Content Team member back in 2009 and quickly became popular due to her skill at whipping up batches of raw chocolate. She flew home to New Zealand to start Little Bird, a range of raw cereals, treats, and crackers and also founded ‘The Unbakery’ raw cafes in Auckland, which have gained cult status around the world. After this success she has kindly shared her recipes for the rest of us who don’t reside in sunny NZ in her The Unbakery Book and lucky for you we have the only copies available in the UK!

The book celebrates the most popular organic, raw plant-based foods direct from the Littlebird Unbakery and although the recipes within it are 100% vegan and plant-based, Megan stresses that the book is not simply for those on a purely raw diet, but for anyone who wants to incorporate more fresh fruit and veggies into their day. Yes please!

We Love

  • Megan’s variations for seeded raw breads including a raw pizza base, a seeded fennel and carrot variation and our personal favourite; raw bagels made out of soaked nuts, seeds, coconut flesh, herbs and spices– yum!
  • Vegan bacon anyone? And no, were not talking about the overly processed, preservative laden variety. Megan’s bacon is made simply from coconut flesh, tamari, maple syrup, liquid smoke and sea salt – you won’t hear us turning down this at breakfast.
  • Whether you’re vegan, intolerant to lactose or eager to try out the dairy alternative everyone’s talking about, Megan’s nut cheeses are our pick of the pack. Utlising macadamia and cashews to create numerous varieties to imitate the dairy variety, we’re loving her herb cheese that mimics a herb Boursin spread on one of her flaxseed crackers or her feta or parmesan crumbled over salads and raw pasta dishes.

With all of this in addition to a whole host of raw breakfasts, salads, cakes and treats, this little bird knows how to ‘un’cook!

Image: Raw Pad Thai from the Unbakery Cafe menu.