The 5 Products With Permanent Residence in My Regime – Erin

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Any of you who visit the store or phone the shop for help will know that Erin is our resident expert on ingredient know-how and matching product to person. With her pulse on which product is working for which skin type, and a selection of the world’s best organic skincare at her finger tips we thought you might like to know which products have taken up permanent residence in her bathroom cabinet…..

ERIN: My skin is normal, with some tendencies towards combination behaviour, and a slight case of hormonal breakout when under stress or not eating properly. My first must-have is a healthy diet – skin nutrition is super important to keep my skin healthy and looking great. Next up….

  • My Holy Grail Blemish Fighter – S5 Purity Serum. This works overnight wonders for my slightly hormonal skin, and helps keep blemishes at bay, healing active ones incredibly quickly. I also mix a drop in my morning moisturiser to help reduce inflammation and help with oil control during the day – all without drying my skin.
  • My 8 Hour Sleep In A Bottle – RMS Beauty Oil. I wake up looking like I’ve had the best sleep of my life, when I use this as a night treatment.. Redness is gone, blemishes healed, skin even toned, plump and bright. It also works wonders at balancing the moisture levels in my skin without feeling too heavy or rich.
  • My Vitality Restorer –  Lotus Wei Pure Energy Flower Elixir. This elixir boosts my energy levels (and my immune system) and helps me shake off the tiredness or a slump without resorting to stimulants like caffeine and sugar! I take it 5 times a day, and add it to my tea and water to keep up with the flow of life.
  • My Complexion Corrector – Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation. I don’t have perfect skin, but with this foundation I feel I still look like myself, but a brighter, more luminous version – not covered up! I love the organic ingredients and silky smooth texture. With a satin finish and soft focus effect, my skin looks the way I want it to, radiant, without synthetic chemicals or irritating preservatives.
  • My Morning Mood Booster –  Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Original. I’ve always been rubbish at eating breakfast . This vegan, gluten free, raw protein mix is chock full of superfoods like acai and kale, as well as fibre and probiotics. I notice a huge difference in my skin and my overall mood when I make having a scoop or two of this with some unsweetened coconut milk priority number one in the morning.