Georgie Cleeve From Oskia Shares Her Secret to Being Content…..

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EXPERT-Geogie-CleevesTo celebrate our fifth birthday we asked some of our favourite people their secret to being content. Next up is Georgie Cleeve from British brand Oskia, with her top 3 rituals…

‘I try to celebrate even the smallest achievement, such as finishing a report, signing off a new product, discovering a new ingredient, cooking a delicious supper, potty training the toddler. It makes life very positive.

My morning walks to work through Battersea Park. I was brought up on a farm in Wales, and walking through trees away from the hustle and bustle of the usual commute sets me up for the day. The countryside, literally, can wipe away any trouble.

Bath time with my 2 year old son and husband, who is also my business partner. (It’s a big bath!) It makes me realise how very happy, very lucky and very content I am.’ Georgie Cleeve from Oskia 

ABOUT: OSKIA’s founder, Georgie Cleeve (ex food editor and skincare therapist), was inspired to create a nutritional, MSM-based, natural skincare range having seen the benefits of MSM first-hand through her father’s business, which produces natural nutritional supplements and which introduced MSM into Europe as a joint supplement over twenty five years ago. Not only did she see the miraculous results in those that benefited from her father’s products, but first-hand too – having had numerous knee operations due to damaged cartilage, Georgie was advised not to play sport again. However, having been put on a course of MSM by her father, her damaged cartilage strengthened more than any specialist thought possible, and since then she has competed in numerous triathlons and spent a season as a ski instructor. But what she hadn’t expected was the remarkable response to the MSM that her skin showed….her early age eczema disappeared, and the seed of an idea about an MSM-based skincare range was planted.

Working as Deputy Wine & Food Editor for House & Garden Magazine, Conde Nast, for four years, Georgie also became fascinated with the obvious health benefits of organic food and the connection between nutrition and skin health. So the idea of linking MSM with a nutritionally-designed natural range of products steadily began to grow.  OSKIA came to life after four years of extensive research and product development by herself and an internationally recognised cosmetic chemist, Dr Colette Haydon, as well as a team of nutritionists and skincare specialists.