Vegan Skincare Guide: The Best Organic Beauty Products to Switch To

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While natural skincare is often assumed to be plant-derived, it can also contain animal-derived ingredients. These are of course natural; they just may not be desirable for some. If you want to avoid animal byproducts full stop, check the label and look for common non-vegan ingredients including honey, beeswax and lanolin. Read our Vegan Beauty Beginners’ Guide to go more in depth on ingredients to avoid. To ensure your natural vegan skincare products are free from these, many beauty brands give the reassurance by certifying themselves. In this case, keep an eye out for the Vegan Society or PETA logos and consult some of the bestselling vegan skincare products at CONTENT below.

CONTENT Guide to Vegan Skincare

Vegan Cleansers

Kick off your vegan skincare routine by washing away the day with a vegan cleanser. If you have ultra sensitive skin, you’ll likely become addicted to the Pai Skincare Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser like we have. It’s not only great for addressing redness and easily irritated skin types, but works a treat on dry and combination complexions too. Its base of plant oils like many of the other vegan cleansers at CONTENT come from certified organic sources and clean without stripping.

Vegan Toners

Most toners at CONTENT with the exception of a few are vegan toners. The original Amly Blend No. 1 Radiance Boost Facial Mist is a customer favourite for good reason. Made from a blend of silver-rich spring water and wildflowers, it more than hydrates skin. Nourishing plant probiotics and copper peptides help to improve skin and floral essential oils provide some major aromatherapy. In addition to using in your morning and night skin routine, it makes a great vegan makeup setting spray too.

Vegan Treatments

After misting with your new vegan toner, apply a vegan serum to help lock in its targeted properties. If you are looking to manage oily skin, look no further than the Whamisa Organic Flowers Sebum Treatment. Great for combination skin types too, it uses camellia and dandelion ferments targets to rebalance skin whilst targeting excess oil production. The botanical extracts and vitamins soften, keep pH in line and help protect your skin.

For a vegan face mask, look to the Odacite Synergie[4] Beauty Masque. The four signals its four effects: detox, peel, brighten and firm. Its potent certified natural ingredients had many customers raving about it after the first application alone.

Vegan Moisturisers

These vegan moisturisers might not contain honey, beeswax and other animal derived ingredients but they do not skimp on results. Cult natural skincare MV Skincare Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser smells heavenly of Bulgarian Rose oil. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who has tried this vegan moisturiser and not fallen head over heals for it. Another favourite amongst bloggers and green beauty aficionados, the La Belle Lune Organic Skin is made in the UK in small batches.

For a vegan eye cream, one of our regular bestsellers is the Tata Harper Restorative Eye Crème. Apply one pump day and night around the entire eye to tackle puffiness, expression lines and give hydration to the delicate eye area.

Vegan Lip Balm

These can be one of the most hard to find and to get right. The Hurraw Lip Balms replace the conventional beeswax or petroleum base with candelilla wax, cocoa butter and coconut oil—genius! Flavours range from black cherry to licorice, yum! Grab some extra UV protection for your lips with the Hurraw Sun Lip Balm, which packs SPF15. You’ll find all our vegan lip balms online with free shipping worldwide and a selection instore at our London organic skincare shop.

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