Try Punch Foods Superseeds In Our Summer Wellbeing Festival Collection

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SuperseedsFeatured within our Limited Edition Content Summer Wellbeing Festival Kit is a delicious and nutritious tube of skin & body loving superseeds that have fast become a favourite snack here at Content HQ.

With a philosophy set up around the notion that optimum nutrition should never result in a compromise on taste, Punch Foods was created as an antidote to the bland, flavourless snack options available for those with special dietary needs and intolerances. Certified organic, 100% natural, gluten and dairy free, Punch Foods innovative range of Superseeds, artfully packaged in handy snack-ready tubes, pack a perfect punch of nutrients when you need it most. We asked founder Alexandra Dudley for her favourite ways to use Superseeds……

For something sweet…

Meet Your Maca: Providing superfood sweetness without the sugar spike, maca has been used since ancient times as a natural energiser and metabolism booster. Added to Punch Foods Superseeds only after toasting, by keeping it raw macas nutrient dense properties are kept in tact.

“Add Meet Your Maca to home-made muesli, sprinkle over coconut yogurt, blend into smoothies or add to raw energy/bliss balls for an extra superfood crunch!”

For something savoury…

Mega Omega: Containing a potent dose of Omega 3, crucial for optimum bodily functioning and great for skin regeneration,this mix combines a mixture of seeds seasoned with authentic Japanese Tamari.

“Spruce up your salad, soup, stir fry for a mouth-wateringly moreish Mega Omega Boost.”

Feel the Heat: Metabolism boosting and our personal favourites at Content HQ, Feel the Heat features a hearty blend of protein packed Superseeds with the warming heat of cayenne pepper and smoked paprika.

“Feel the heat is awesome on spinach sautéed in coconut oil or added to any veggie dish for for a super feisty health punch.”