Organic Make-Up Tips For Do It Yourself Natural Brides

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Calling all DIY natural brides and brides-to-be! We’ve rounded up our team of green beauty experts and organic make-up artists to bring you top tips for achieving beautiful, long-lasting makeup on your special day. From priming to setting, we’ve made sure to cover every step of the process to see you down the aisle as the glowing natural beauty that you are.

Prep & Prime

Easy to overlook on an everyday basis, according to one of the CONTENT green beauty experts, prepping and priming the skin is an essential step in ensuring long-lasting makeup on your special day: “The best way to make foundation last longer is to prep the skin correctly. Make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise before applying your base.”

Readying the skin for make-up by applying a primer to suit your skin type is recommended: “If you have oily skin use a primer instead of moisturiser such as Ilia True Skin Radiant Priming Serum and Roll On Instant Mat to rid excess oil before applying foundation. If you have dry skin, use a hydrating primer such as make-up artist Lina Hanson’s Global Face Serum or the Vapour Stratus Instant Skin Perfector to keep moisture within the skin.”

Enchanting Eyes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so you will want yours to be captivating on the day. Organic make-up artist Sjaniel Turrell suggests adding a golden shimmer on top of the lower part of your eyelids from the inside corner of your eye, up & out to the centre, to create an iridescent ethereal look: “Use the slightest touch of RMS Cream Shadow in Solar and dab it over the existing make-up right at the end. Not too much though, as you want a shimmer of colour to catch the light.”

For the snap happy, organic make-up artist Louise Dartford has an expert tip to ensure you don’t look startled in your wedding photos: “When applying under eye concealer that is light reflective or contains brighteners, apply carefully as this area is prone to ‘catching’ the flash in photographs, making the under eye area appear white. I recommend creating brightness under the eye with a slightly lighter tone of concealer to counteract this problem”.

Long-Lasting Colour

For lip colour that lasts, buff the lips with an exfoliant such as the Ilia Balmy Nights Lip Exfoliator and moisturise with a natural lip balm. We like the Nuori Lip Treat and Bybi Plumper Lip Balm as they both contain a little peppermint oil, which acts as a natural lip plumper! Follow by applying a lip liner which will give definition for photos. Louise’s top tip? “Apply your lip colour with a brush and blot between layers for even longer lasting lip colour.”

When it comes to blush, Louise suggests layering a powder blusher such as Inika Baked Mineral Blush Duo over a cream blusher such as Kjaer Weis Cream Blush for added intensity and staying-power.

Powdered Perfection

When it comes to setting your makeup, think skin type first. If you have dry skin you may only need to use a finishing powder through the T-Zone and areas that are prone to oiliness. If you have oily skin, apply a dusting all over your skin which will work best to reduce shine and leave you with a healthy glow. One of our green beauty experts suggests RMS Beauty Un-Powder for setting your make-up in place and Colorisi Compact Powder for on-the-go powdered goodness.

Let us know if you have any bridal questions or book an instore treatment with one of our green beauty experts. | Read More: Organic Skincare Tips for Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day