THE SEEN: Organic Beauty Favourites By Anne-Marie Van Dijk

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The Dutch born super-model, Anne-Marie Van Dijk, and founder of ‘CLEANSE: One Body, One Planet,’ an initiative dedicated to providing professional health and wellness services to the fashion industry, recently revealed to ‘‘ her top five organic beauty obsessions.

Passionate about healthy-living and leading a clean and organic lifestyle, we were excited to find out that two of her favourite organic products included the ‘Tata Harper All Natural Repairative Moisturizer‘ and the ‘RMS Beauty Living Luminizer,’ both favourites here at Content.

So what makes these two products a favourite for Anne-Marie Van Dijk?

Tata Harper All-Natural Repairative Moisturizer: The organic skincare ingredients used in the moisturising lotion, such as Safflower and Jojoba improve moisture retention and preserve the skins natural barrier without clogging pores. This organic moisturiser will provide lasting hydration for skin that has lost its natural suppleness and luster; perfect for dry, dehydrated skin and those living in drier climates. Anne-Marie says that it is one of her ‘all time favourite moisturisers,’ and is content in knowing that ‘most of the ingredients are sourced from Tata Harper’s own personal organic herb-and-flower garden in Vermont!’

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer: The award winning Living Luminizer is a must have product. This organic highlighter is the ultimate illuminator, perfect to create a natural healthy, sheer to the skin and enhance the skins natural youthfulness, without feeling sticky, greasy or glittery. The raw, organic oils will nourish dry and dehydrated skin, whilst also giving a natural glow. Anne-Marie believes that ‘no makeup kit is complete without Rose-Marie Swift’s raw and organic Luminizer:….I use this one-of-a-kind product to add a natural glow to my face…..a few highlights go a long, long way.’ We love to use the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, to create a healthy glow to our skin – nothing compares in magically highlighting our skin than this product, it instantly adds life to the face.

What is your favourite way to use the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer? We’ve started using it with the new Rms Beauty Brightening Brush which is great for reaching the inner corners of the eyes. Leave us a comment below or share with us via Twitter or Facebook.