THE PRODUCT: Tata Harper’s New Anti-Ageing Lip Treatments Arrive in the UK

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With Valentine’s hearts and flowers blossoming on every corner and in every shop the past few weeks, love is in the air. But what really deserves your love this February, are your lips! The delicate skin on your lips is exposed to harsh conditions and is one area we often forget to take care of, splashing them with colour and a little balm now and then doesn’t really cut it. As we age lines, thinning, and extreme dehydration can all be issues for this focal point of our face. To keep your pout in perfect condition we have 3 new lip products from Tata Harper , which combine the latest, natural, anti-ageing technology with a hint of colour. We know you’ll love them as much as we do.

THE PRODUCT:  Tata Harper’s Lip Treatments come in threes. Be True (sheer) & Be Adored (with rosy tint) combine powerful plant technologies with anti-ageing actives to condition the delicate skin on the lips and plump and build lip volume with natural collagen boosting technologies.  These treatments also help to relax wrinkles & vertical lip lines, and prevent visible signs of ageing with powerful antioxidants  and herbal extracts, many grown on Tata’s own farm in Vermont. The third in the range is Be Fierce, a deeply repairative, hydrating balm with a potent dose of protective ingredients designed to help soothe, heal, and repair even the most dry, chapped lips. These lip care formulas are highly concentrated, and one swipe offers a potent dose of effective active ingredients. Tata Harper haven’t increased the balms’ volume with unneeded fillers, so each application packs a seriously anti-ageing punch! 100% natural, bio-compatible, and biodegradable. 

THE INGREDIENTS: The super-potent trifecta of ingredients in Be True & Be Adored lip treatments includes Spanish Lavender, Date Palm Extract, and a new Bio-Fill plumping ingredient, Palmitoyl Isoleucine, derived from wheat and  approved by Eco-Cert. These three work in synergy over a period of 2 months, to relax the appearance of lines on and around the lips, build volume and plump contours, and defend against the visible signs that age our lips.

Also included in all 3 formulas are antioxidant rich Green Tea, Acai, & Cacao to help nourish and ward off damage from sun exposure and other daily environmental damage. We love that with all this new natural technology, Tata Harper has managed to make these 3 lip treatments between 84-91% organic,  with 14-17 active ingredients in every tube!

For those of you who love to see the numbers, the results are in on Be True & Be Adored

  • 83% of volunteers experienced a positive effect on skin elasticity and volume.
  • 60% of volunteers noticed an improvement in their wrinkles.
  • 95% of muscle contractions were relaxed after 2 hrs.
  • 10x the antioxidant power found in grapes.

HOW TO USE: Apply all day, every day, for instant nourishment, lasting plumping and anti-ageing protection.

WE LOVE: The clever combination of ingredients that mean our lips get the same attention the rest of our face gets with the Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum. Plus the sheer rose tint in Be Adored gives just the right dose of colour and leaves our lips looking hydrated, soft and nourished.

SPECIAL MENTION: We really like the packaging design of these little wonders. Metal tubes mean they survive bouncing around in pockets and handbags, and the smaller stick size means we get just the perfect amount of product right where we need it.