THE PRODUCT: Introducing ILIA Beauty’s New Mascara to the UK at Content

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Lash out with the new mascara’s from ILIA Beauty and pick from four very different shades: a classic black, charcoal grey, copper and ash brown.

THE PRODUCT: The ILIA Beauty mascaras have been designed to thicken, lengthen and condition lashes. Choose from four colours, including

  • Nightfall, a classic, rich black that is perfect for a more sultry eye.
  • Asphalt Jungle, a charcoal grey with a blue undertone that can accentuate all shades of the iris. This mascara will light up the eyes and add a sense of dimension to your lashes.
  • Macao, a subtle copper hue is fun for party season as it will catch the light and create a glow around the eye. Macao is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any look. We love this mascara applied to the tips of lashes, layered over another shade. Try teaming it with Asphalt Jungle mascara.
  • Shadow of a Doubt, a beautiful ash brown hue for those of a fairer shade to slightly darken lashes.

THE INGREDIENTS: All ILIA products are made with up to 85% certified organic ingredients that nourish the skin and help aid in its repair. The glossing and filers present in the mascaras are derived mostly from the various saps from trees around the world, adding natural shine, flexibly, and also helping to hold the product to the individual lashes.

The ILIA mascaras do contain the preservative Phenoxyethanol. Unfortunately preserving this product to the level it needs to be to use safely in the eye area was not possible with a natural preservative. ILIA are however working towards safely changing this, and in the meantime we are content in knowing that the new ILIA mascaras are safe for your precious eyes.

HOW TO USE:  Choose your choice of colour then use the ILIA mascara brush from side to side as you go from root to tip.  For best results, apply on bottom lashes first, then top lashes. If you prefer a heavier build-up, apply in layers until you reach your desired look.

WE LOVE: The packaging is a classic ILIA trademark, we especially love the wiper as it fits the wand very tightly, leaving the wand with less product on the extremities and more product in the centre of the wand. This means no clumping or waste! For added volume, apply and additional application to your lashes slowly and naturally until you create your desired look.

In addition to the new mascara’s from ILIA, are their latest creations in lipsticks, the new limited edition organic lipstick, Ink Pot and These Days, an organic tinted lip conditioner.

  • Ink Pot is  a violent, violet hue that leans itself away from the rest, standing out on its own as a bold, unique shade, perfect for layering with other ILIA shades for a unique daring look. These Days, an organic tinted lip conditioner is a neutral shade, that can be worn by most, great for any occasion to add a touch of sophistication
  • All  ILIA Beauty Lipsticks combine organic ingredients, including the moisturising and hydrating elements of Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E, to soothe and condition the lips.