THE PRODUCT: Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Renewal Complex Launches at Content in the UK

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We always love to see companies who merge science and nature, and Intelligent Nutrients have done just that with their new certified organic Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex. Utilising new biotechnology, these pure plant stem cells contain highly active antioxidant compounds which harness the protective and rejuvenating properties in 3 of nature’s anti-ageing wonder workers.

THE PRODUCT: Intelligent Nutrients’ new targeted treatment serum contains plant stem cells from Edelweiss, Coneflower, and Pennywort and has been designed to boost the skin’s own defences by reducing skin inflammation and oxidative stress. By pioneering the science of plant stem cells in organic skincare, Intelligent Nutrients is offering a natural, highly effective technology for the repair of ageing skin. This serum produces results in 20 days, with increasing benefits over long term usage.

Plant stem cells act as a budding plant’s defence system, intelligently responding to environmental aggressors and pollutants. Inside these stem cells are anti-oxidant compounds called phenylpropanoids which are active and highly effective to defend the plant against UV damage, insects, soil pollution and other aggressors. Our skin also has to cope and repair itself under many of these environmental factors.

The technology used to select the plant stem cells most potent and active phenlpropanoids allows a formulation which is incredibly pure and environmentally sustainable. This process uses less water than conventional agriculture, avoids all GMOs, and eliminates contamination by common agricultural chemicals.


Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) markedly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping to rejuvenate skin cells and reduce the appearance of signs of photo-ageing from UV rays. This flower is very rare in nature and is protected by many world governments. Edelweiss’ stem cells have learned to defend itself against conditions found at high altitudes; UV radiation, cold and arid climate, and harsh seasonal changes. Folklore tells us that if you are lucky enough to find one of these in the wild you will have great success in life. While most of us won’t be lucky enough to happen upon this rare bloom, we can certainly harness its miraculous properties for our beauty and health.

Coneflower (Echinacea angustafolia) can increase hydration in the skin and improves the elasticity while increasing the radiance on the skin. A popular immune stimulant also known as Echinacea, this plant’s stem cells help to increase luminosity and strengthen the skin’s own responses to external ageing factors.

Pennywort (Centella asiatica)  helps to even skin tone and improve firmness, and clinical research shows it aids in preventing hyaluronidase from breaking down the skins own hyaluronic acid. Also known as Gotu Kola, these plant stem cells help the skin hold on to collagen and hyaluronic acid, and they are incredibly effective at reducing the inflammation that can damage both within the skin.

WE LOVE: The use of plant stem cells allows us to harness highly active plant compounds at concentrations far greater than those found in individual plants in nature. These cells are some of the most potent parts of the plant’s protective and rejuvenating properties, and in this serum they are concentrated in each dose.

Plant stem cells are grown in a lab environment, so formulators can select the most potent, antioxidant rich cells for each batch. This also ensures the purity of the ingredients and means they are 100% free from environmental contaminates. In addition, the technology used to produce these stems cells means that no plants are taken from their natural environment. This is especially important for rare species like Edelweiss and popular types like Coneflower, which have been over harvested in the past.

See the Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Renewal Complex’s product page here for more information on the clinical results achieved by this advance in biotechnology.

HOW TO USE: An intensive treatment which is perfect for areas prone to environmental damage, this serum provides great results in the forehead, around the eye, and mouth, especially the upper lip. Use twice daily for best results, and finished within 1 month of opening. Apply before moisturising to seal in the benefits. Works brilliantly in conjunction with the whole Intelligent Nutrients certified organic anti-ageing skincare range.