THE LOVE: New Limited Edition Tata Harper Love Potion

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TH LOVE POTION DUOTATA HARPER’s celebration of love this Valentine’s Day doesn’t end with the exclusive ‘Be Adored’ Gift Set– there is more!

TATA HARPER has also created THE LOVE POTION a limited edition mood-boosting perfume, formulated to release your inner magnetism to the world, and in turn, attract love and affection. Essentially, it’s attraction in a bottle and no doubt, the perfect gift for yourself ahead of a romantic rendezvous! Sounds like magic right? If you are wondering exactly what it is what makes it special, let us break it down for you.

What is the inspiration behind Love Potion? Tata says: “To me, beauty is so much more than skin deep – it’s a state of mind, and it’s connected to how you feel about yourself. As I travel around the country, in stores and at events, I meet so many beautiful women who carry a lot of insecurity and negativities about themselves. I thought, what if we could make a product that was all about beauty from the inside out, and promoting confidence and attractiveness in a new way?”

So, how did she achieve this? Tata combined some of the world’s most potent aphrodisiac essential oils into a 100% natural aromatic blend, which help heighten sensuality, promote inner confidence and positivity, while stimulating the senses. The aromatic formula contains anxiety-reducing mood balancing aromas with natural aphrodisiacs, resulting in an intoxicating scent, which is more than skin deep. To top it off, she packaged it in two adorable LOVE bottles with golden and pink accents: our favourite being no doubt the 10ml, that comes with a bright pink vintage style-sprayer, although the 5ml is perfect for keeping in your bag.

Sounds like magic! What exactly is in it? The formula is packed with 10 precious plant oils formulated to increase positivity, arousal and confidence. Top notes combine fresh citrus with orange peel, grapefruit and ylang ylang. Middle notes are more sensual with jasmine and frankincense while the base notes go deeper with Sandalwood and Violet Leaf. But it doesn’t end there, check out the complete list of ingredients and their clever actions online here.

How does it work? To reap the benefits, simply apply to pulse points, which are wrists and necks. For an aromatherapy experience, spray onto palms, rub hands together and inhale for a minimum of 5 times. Last but not least: apply to inner thighs, upper abdomen and heart area for heightened moments of passion.

PRICE: Available in two sizes: 5ml (£29) and 10ml (£58)

DATES: Available throughout February, until stock lasts – strictly limited!