THE LIST: Things We LOVE This April – Find Out What Made Us Tick This Month

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Judi-Dench-1965From our favourite reads to hot events on the agenda that we don’t want to miss (and you shouldn’t either). This month our focus has been on all things Aroma. Chronicling our favourite fragrances, flowers and formulas  – throughout Aroma April we have been inspired by the journeys of the pioneers at the forefront of contemporary aromatherapy, nourished both our bodies and our souls with raw chocolate desserts to refreshing spring cocktails, uncovered the hidden benefits of our favourite flowers and launched one of the worlds first 100% natural and organic perfumes. Read on to find out more of the things we loved this April.

LOVE FRAGRANCES: Earlier this month we were excited to launch one of the world’s first 100% natural and organic perfumes Vintage 13. Concocted by new natural brand on the scene Abel Organics, this uniquely intoxicating scent is warm and alluring, featuring top notes of Bergamot, Black Pepper and Clovebud combined with the rich sensuality of Sandalwood and Vanilla and hints of Vetiver & Thyme. Vintage 13 is undoubtedly our favourite fragrance of the month! Get it now in store and online. For a pretty floral scent for spring try the Moon Bloom, from Hiram Green – and stand by for new launches from both later this year!

LOVE FLOWERS: This month we rounded up our favourite flowers based on the healing, restorative and rejuvenating qualities they possess along with their evocative aromas. Juniper Berry is an all time favourite for its potent detoxifying qualities and its ability to increase balance and general wellbeing within the body. We love to experience its full effects in De Mamiel’s Spring Facial Oil. Another favourite is Blue Tansy for its amazing ability to assist in easing nervous tensions and irritated skin. Experience this natural calmative for yourself in May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon Beauty BalmLast but not least, we can’t get enough of all things Rose Otto for the soothing and harmonizing effect it has on the body. Our favourite way to reap its benefits is through  Therapi Honey Skincare and the REN Rose Otto Range‘s.

In addition to our favourite flowers, we love a beautiful floral arrangement. This month we are love ‘The Art of Ikebana’ video showcased at Tokyo’s Sogetsu School as featured on NOWNESS. Check out the video here and be inspired by the art of floral design.

LOVE FORMULAS: This month we are loving the clever ways that essential oils are making their way into the culinary industry. Check out our blog post featuring raw chocolatier Laura Coxeter’s recipe for a decadent raw ganache tart or pop in to Mildreds in Soho and try out their gluten free persian lemon, almond, pistachio and polenta cake with pomegranate rose petal syrup and yoghurt. On the beverage front, we are loving The Herball’s Rose Quartz Love Tonic and Abel Organics recipe for a refreshing perfume spiked iced tea.

For a special night we recommend trying Purl in Blandford Street for their clever cocktails combining aroma, spirits, floral waters and bitters. The name Purl actually refers to an old English drink consisting of warm ale, gin, wormwood and spices. Just the mix of plants and potions we like!

Also this month we’ve been experimenting with DIY diffusers and yoga mat sprays to uplift, balance and rejuvenate the energy of our homes, offices and yoga mats. Try out our suggested formulas on our blog and inject your environment with some DIY aromatherapy.

LOVE READING: We can’t put down natural perfumers Mandy Aftel’s Essence & Alchemy: A Book Of Perfume, an in-depth revival of the evolution and the social and metaphysical legacy of perfumery. Another favourite this month at CONTENT HQ is The Smell Culture Reader by Jim Drobnick. Consisting of an extensive overview of the most elusive aspects of scent – from the fetid to the fragrant, this evocatively detailed text demonstrates how essential smell is to sexuality, social status, personal identity and cultural tradition. Last but not least to feature on our monthly book love list is extremely rare find Annick Le Guerer’s Once Upon A Time…Perfume. beautifully curated chronicle of the history of fragrance, this unique retelling of the evolution of perfume features scented pages to further enhance the reading experience. 

LOVE LAUNCHES & EVENTS: This month as a part of the Royal Academy’s Sensing Spaces exhibition, town planner turned odour advocate at the University of Sheffield, Victoria Henshaw, has made it her mission to champion the importance of aroma in urban spaces through the tours she hosts through the streets of London aptly named ‘Smell Walks’. Henshaw has also published a book of her own Urban Smellscapes to chronicle her urban sensory investigations.

Another event we’ll be heading to this month is olfactory purveyor Odette Toilette’s Sip & Sniff Event. With past events featuring a make-your-own lickable perfume masterclass, a perfumed walking tour at the Tate and a collaboration with the Royal Observatory Greenwich exploring the scents of outer space – this months event combines six scents with six different spirits such as dark, spiced rums and boutique Mescals and Bourbons. This unique multi-sensory experience has been designed with the intention of providing partipants with a whole new language with which to express two of life’s greatest pleasures. Book Tickets Here: