Our Guide For Boosting Energy and Shaping Up with Super-Foods this Summer.

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With the London Olympic games well under way, we have been super-charging our health regime and getting more active in the spirit of all things sport. With extra running and increased pedaling, we have noticed a few stiff joints and muscles so have put a few of our favourites to the test to help combat fatigue and increase vitality. Below, is our guide to a Summer of sport…


Amala Detoxifying Bath Salts – Relax and unwind with the Amala Detoxifying Bath Salts, great after a long-run or busy day training. Amala Bath Salts contain powerful whole plant ingredients such as Myrtle and Sea Algae, for a revitalizing, and detoxifying aromatic bath. The natural detoxifying crystals dissolve in warm water and will leave skin feeling soft, and even toned, whilst gently awakening the senses and increase well-being. We like to use the salts if feeling a little fatigued or run-down to help draw out impurities and promote a restful nights sleep.

Weleda Massage Balm with Arnica – Relieve aches and pains with Weleda Massage Balm with Arnica. We like to use this natural massage oil  when we start to feel a little stiffness or muscle ache. It also makes an excellent massage oil for backache, sprains, bruising, and muscular pain, to bring warmth and relief of any pain.

Ambre Botanicals Thirteen Fresh Oils Extra Nourishing Body Oil is a versatile, synergistic raw and natural body moisturiser, made from a combination of pure cold pressed nut, fruit and seed oils. The nourishing blend of oils such as Avocado, Sweet Almond and Hazelnut will hydrate, and nourish the skin, whilst the beautiful blend of essential oils like Lemon and Rosewood will uplift the senses and sooth the skin. We have been using this  natural body oil after our daily shower and bath to nourish the skin. We love it!


New Chapter  Multivitamins provide essential nutrients and vitamins that are vital for a woman’s everyday needs. Made from certified organic ingredients, Every Woman Multivitamin delivers 25 different nutritive and energizing probiotic vitamins and minerals, as well as a variety of 20 herbs that will help to ease stress, free-radical damage and enhance vitality. We like to use daily to ensure we are meeting our nutritional needs and increase energy. Also available for men in the  New Chapter Every Man Multivitamin.

Amazing Protein –  we have been adding Amazing Meal to our daily green smoothies to increase our protein intake when exercising, whilst also providing us with a detoxifying and nutrient rich blend of greens, fibre, probiotics and enzymes. The raw vegan blend of protein is easily digested and makes the perfect nutritious protein-filled, snack – important for building muscle and aiding muscle repair.

Well Well Well Inc – Organic Freeze Dried Acai – To add a natural boost and extra anti-oxidants to our energy-filled porridge or cereal we have been adding Well Well Well Inc Organic Freeze Dried Acai – this Brazilian super-food has 10 times then antioxidant capacity of grapes, 30 times the antioxidant capacity of red wine and double the antioxidant power of a serving of blueberries. It is packed full of anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant that helps to maintain cell integrity, improving skin health and promoting general well-being. Need more convincing? Try adding to your daily diet and enjoy the unique purple goodness for yourself.

OSKIA Pure MSM – Support your joints this Olympics with OSKIA Skincare Pure MSM – this unique supplement, contains MSM an organic and bi-avliable of form of sulfer which can help to reduce inflammation and muscluar pain. It also has the other bonus benefits of strengthening the skin’s support structure, helping to prevent against premature ageing, and skin damage.  It is our must-have product to not only keep skin looking younger and healthierbut also to reduce swelling and help relieve any muscular discomfort.


Lotus Wei Inspired Action Energy Mist – Get creative and feel empowered this Summer with Lotus Wei Inspired Action Energy Mist. This mist contains both therapeutic essential oils and flower remedies such as Red Bird of Paradise and Chandelier to lift the spirits and help make you feel inspired. Use when you may be lacking a little determination and focus and spray themist to enhance drive and insight – perfect to use when you need a little motivation to run that extra mile…

Lotus Wei Pure Energy Flower Elixir Increase vigor by clearing unwanted energies with the Pure Energy Flower Elixir from Lotus Wei. Enjoy 5 drops, 5 times a day and experience an increase in creativeness and strength, that will leave you feeling radiant. The blend of unique flower remedies such as Jade Flower and Pomegranate will cleanse and detox, whilst increasing vitality. This Lotus Wei flower elixir is also perfect to use if feeling a little vulnerable, whether that be physically or energetically. Used daily, you will feel protected and powerful, and ready to conquer the world…

Dr Stuart’s Triple Ginseng Tea for Vitality – Boost energy and increase vitality this Summer with Dr Stuart’s Triple Ginseng Tea. A favourite here at Content, this tea contains a unique blend of three separate Ginsengs – Brazilian, Korean and Siberian and will provide you with the extra drive you may need to cycle that little bit further and get motivated this Olympics. We especially like the added zing of lemongrass to refresh and revive after a hectic day or intense yoga class…

What is your favourite Summer sport? How do you like to keep fit and healthy? Leave us a comment or share via our Twitter or Facebook