Which Supplements and Foods are in the Content Skincare Regime?

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If you’re looking for beautiful skin, the first place to start is with the food you eat, (check out COME CLEAN 2012 for some tips) then take a look at the supplements you take. Make sure they are of the highest quality you can afford. Treat the food you eat and the and supplements you take as part of your beauty regime. Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of our current favourites…..


A favourite here at Content is the OSKIA Skincare Pure MSM Supplement – a targeted food supplement to nutritionally support skin, hair and nail condition, feeding the skin from the inside with the most bio-available form of Sulphur. This works to strengthen the skin’s natural support structure and therefore helps to prevent premature ageing and environmental skin damage, leaving skin looking and feeling strong and healthy. It also helps to detoxify the skin by keeping it supple and soft. We have been taking one tablet a day before meals and have noticed a positive different in our skin, hair and nail condition… and even our joints which is a great side-effect – we LOVE!

Comvita® UMF® 15+ Manuka Honey is produced in New Zealeand and contains unique plant phenois. Manuka Honey is known for its wonderful soothing and antibacterial properties for the skin, as well as supporting a healthy digestive system and being a good source of healthy phenolic antioxidants, which can help prevent against free radical damage and protect the cells of the body. We like to use Manuka Honey on the skin by applying a thin layer as an anti-bacterial, purifying face mask or on spots as an overnight treatment to soothe and help reduce inflammation. It can also be taken internally and makes the perfect warm drink to help soothe a sore throat – just mix a teaspoon of Manuka Honey with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of coconut oil – we LOVE!

As seen in British Vogue April 2012, Well Well Well Inc Krill Oil is the only fish oil with the naturally occurring potent antioxidant, Astaxanthin. This antixodiant is part of the carotenoid family and is what gives Krill Oil its many anti-ageing properties, as well as helping to improve skin elasticity and reduction in eye fatigue – the main bonus being that it does not taste fishy ( although it does smell rather strong!) Well Well Well Inc Krill Oil benefits also include a vast array of support for the body internally, primarily due to its high level of Omega 3, which is vital for healthy bodily functions. Taken daily, Krill Oil may help to reduce arthritis and inflammation, protect against UV damage, lower cholesterol and help with muscle repair.  It really is healthy skin in a bottle!

Essence Of Eden Premium Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil is must-have product here at Content – we use it daily to remove make-up, to cook with, as an overnight hair treatment or as an alternative body moisturiser. The Essence of Eden Raw Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconuts without heat or chemicals, and therefore retains its natural phytonutrients, which give the oil its unique and distinctive aroma and flavor. Raw Coconut Oil is naturally high in saturated fat, an important building block of every cell in the body, that can help to support the immune system and soothe an upset stomach or digestion related problem. Coconut Oil can also be applied topically to the skin to create a barrier for infections and to help naturally heal wounds. Our favourite way however, is to use Coconut Oil is as a make-up remover – especially around the eyes. Gently massage onto skin and remove with an organic cotton pad.  You can also use it as a body moisturiser, perfect to apply after a relaxing bath to leave skin feeling soft and hydrated or it can be added to a green tea for a source of fuel – great if you need a mid-morning pick-me-up!

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