THE LAUNCH: Two new TWELVE Beauty Products Land at Content for Winter

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TWELVE Beauty is a highly esteemed natural beauty range in our books – and in beauty connoisseurs’ aplenty.

Developed by cosmetologist, pharmacist and botanical science maestro Pedro Catala by harnessing the power of natural plant-extracts, this no-nonsense range comprises of high performance skincare essentials hand-blended in small batches, to suit all skin types including sensitive, reactive or allergy-prone. If you’re a Content shopper you may have bumped into him on the shop floor, dispensing skincare advice to fellow natural beauties! So we’re excited to announce that two new TWELVE Beauty have landed at Content – and they’re perfect to keep skin highly moisturised throughout the drying winter thanks to applied plant science. Discover them below.

If you’re in the London area, don’t miss the chance to get your FREE Twelve Beauty mini-facial! Pedro will be joining us on November 20th and November 22nd and giving out facials and consultations on the shop floor. Spaces are limited, so book a spot now.

Twelve Beauty Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum

The product: Dark spots, lack of tone and dull skin are especially evident during the colder, darker months of the year, where our skin can benefit from more moisture and radiance. As Pedro says: “The main cause of hyperpigmentation is the excessive production of melanin (which is a natural pigment that our skin produces). Contrary to people’s belief, melanin is an essential and good substance, and it is responsible for giving the colour to our eyes, hair and skin. Unfortunately, there are some factors that can trigger an excess production of melanin such as UV rays, skin inflammation/acne, exposure to some chemicals like salicylic acid and even by using harsh whitening skin lotions.”

So how can we address those skin concerns using plant-science? Luckily, this new botanical blend works to brighten and correct the tone of our complexion via a natural plant-power complex by feeding skin with necessary nutrients to counteract the deposit of melanin.

Pedro explains the science behind it: “Plant science is now focused on blocking the excessive production of melanin, so brightening formulas are more skin-friendly now and are usually a blend of plant extracts that work together to brighten and correct the tone of our complexion. Skincare science has made huge advances in treating dark spots, lack of tone and correcting dull skin, which  can be major concerns to all of us. Apart from identifying the mechanism of hyper pigmentation, luckily for us who are green beauty addicts, the research has shifted towards a more natural plant-based rational. Every day, new compounds found in floral extracts, leaf waters and seed oils are studied and some possess a powerful brightening and lightening activity. With this knowledge, I designed a botanical fluid to benefit the skin with necessary nutrients to counteract the deposits of melanin and to give a boost of healthy radiance to dull skin even for those with sensitive skin.”

Pedro’s tips on how to use it: “Apply the serum morning and evening with circular movements for 30 seconds. Combine it with a night cream or oil, rich in linoleic acid, which is essential to regenerate the epidermis. To help cell renewal, also use a mild exfoliant once a week (ideally the same day every week).”

We love: How effective it is, whilst also being super gentle on skin. Get it here.

Twelve Beauty Hyaluroil Lip Treatment

The product: Have your lips been overlooked of late? The colder months are a good time to re-focus our attention on this part of our body. Pedro explains why: “When it comes to skincare we tend to focus more on the face and the eye area, overlooking the lips. This neglected part of our body is one of the most unprotected and stressed, due mainly to a constant exposure to irritants like food, drinks, pollution, adverse weather conditions and especially a lack of protective oils that the rest of our skin has. To overcome this, my idea was to create a permanent solution by improving  the lip’s functionality.”

Enter the Hyaluroil Lip Treatmentan intensive treatment designed to keep lips healthy, thanks to regenerating oils, combined with incapsulated hyaluronic acid. We asked Pedro about the process behind the creation. He said: “Crafting a product designed to keep healthy lips can be a challenging process, but this time I took inspiration from the notebook I keep with me on my botanical trips. I always take notes on the traditional uses of plants from local people across the planet, from sub-Saharan African regions to the Alps via the forests of Rondônia (North of Brazil). Further studies of compatibility and tests on volunteers (this is the time to thank all my friends that I kept rubbing seeds, steams and flowers on their lips for the last two years) helped me to narrow down a list of regenerating oils which I then infused with incapsulated hyaluronic acid to secure those highly desired plumped, elastic and long lasting hydrated lips.”

Pedro’s tips on how to use it: “For the first two days, keep applying the Hyaluroil Lip Treatment every 4 hours to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. After this, use when necessary – especially crucial before going to bed. Try not to lick lips with your tongue, as the enzymes in the saliva can cause irritation.”

We love: The consistency – it’s a balmy oil that feels really nice and smooth on lips and doesn’t leave a sheen, nor does it contain any fragrances. If you’re not a fan of classical lip balms or wanted to convince your other half to start protecting his lips (which can often be more sensitive than their female counterparts), it makes the perfect gift. Get it here.