THE LAUNCH: Two New Tata Harper Products Arrive at Content

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We’re excited to unveil two brand new launches from the Tata Harper organic beauty range, which will be the perfect addition to your summer travel beauty kit – or all year round, really! Let us introduce you to…

Rejuvenating Hand Cream

The product: This intensive moisturising treatment is like anti-ageing skincare for hands – it deeply softens, regenerates and provides long-lasting hydration by creating a protective layer around skin, which helps to prevent moisture loss and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Definitely one to keep handy after spending long hours exposed to the elements, whether you’ve just come from the beach or a off a long haul-flight!

Ingredients: High-performance ingredients include Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid and Avocado Peptides, which boost moisture; while the Bamboo Extract, combined with Tata Harper’s signature Estate Grown Beauty Complex, creates a rich protective barrier to defend against water loss. Finally, the Rose Geranium and Magnolia flower extract provide nourishment while promoting healthy, radiant and rejuvenated looking hands.

How to use: Apply it to the back of hands and massage until completely absorbed. Use as often as needed.

We Love: The spa-like experience it creates thanks to rose geranium’s vibrant scent. It’s not only an intense hydrating treatment, but one that feels luxurious too. If you’re a fan of the Rejuvenating Serum you’ll no doubt appreciate this too!

Boosted Contouring Eye Mask

The product: This silky eye mask is already a favourite of us at #ContentHQ and is no doubt destined to become a cult favourite! It works to minimise the appearance of fine line and wrinkles with an instantly smoothing and firming effect, as well as helping to reduce classic signs of fatigue and ‘energising’ the eye area.

Ingredients: A targeted blend of Palm Extract and Red Algae delivers an instantly firming and tightening effect, while Brown Algae Extract gives the skin youthful energy. The Spanish Lavender smoothes wrinkles, while the Cucumber seed oil, Arnica Extract and Tata Harper’s Estate Grown Beauty Complex work together to reduce dark circles, puffiness and signs of fatigue. It’s also scented with chamomile, to calm the mind and enhance feelings of tranquillity.

How to use: Apply a thick layer of the Boosted Contouring Eye Mask to both upper and lower lids. Leave for 10 to 20 minutes and wipe off the excess without rinsing with water. Use once to two times per week. In just two hours, it helps to relax muscles by decreasing wrinkle-causing muscle contractions; used regularly for 28 days it helps to boost firmness and in 30 days it can help reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.

We Love: The fact that it continues to deliver results long after the application. And that it comes in a gold little packaging.

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