THE LAUNCH: Tata Harper’s Organic Make-Up Lands at Content

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Is your summer tan fading just as quickly as it first appeared, now that you’re back in the city? Join the club! While we’re all for embracing natural colouring, we’re not just ready to give up on that healthy, Summer glow just yet! If you’re with us, you’ll be content to know that two new Tata Harper arrivals have just landed and are the perfect tools to contour or get that sun-kissed glow back – meet Very Bronzing and Very Illuminating. They are available to order online now and will be instore from Wednesday the 7th of October.

We LOVE Tata Harper’s formulations and these two are no different – both formulas contain peptide technology, providing a little ‘photoshop’ for skin and giving it a smooth, plump effect while the natural pigments have a contouring and brightening effect. Result? You can accentuate your key features naturally.

Used together, they are the perfect contouring kit to sculpt and highlight  in five easy steps: use the bronzer to create depth, and the highlighter to illuminate and brighten. The bronzer is in cream format, for a more natural and settled finish and to keep skin hydrated. Get Tata’s Tips for using them here.

If you’re in London, book an organic beauty makeover instore to try them anytime after Wednesday the 7th of October on and get some contouring tips from the organic beauty pros! If outside London you can also order a sample via of our sample service.