THE LAUNCH – Strange Invisible Perfumes’ Eaux de Parfum Range Returns to Content

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Founded in California in 2000 by Alexandra Balahoutis, Strange invisible Perfumes are trailblazers in the art of botanical perfumery and revered by connoisseurs for their use of organic, wild-crafted and hydro-distilled essences. Like fine wine, all the oils contained in their perfumes are aged prior to blending, resulting in greater aromatic complexities – thus, generating luxurious, evocative and unique fragrances with compelling narratives.

As fans of botanical scents ourselves, we snapped up the Strange Invisible Perfumes ‘Eaux de Parfum’ range at Content back in 2011 – and are now welcoming it back instore after a long hiatus. We’re enamoured with the new sleek, high-end, sustainable packaging – which would not go amiss under any luxury fan’s Christmas tree!

We’re content to report that the process for formulating – which really sets it apart from the rest –  has remained unaltered: limited batches of botanical, unfiltered fragrance are hand-blended, then set into a base of custom-distilled esprit de Cognac, before being aged for a minimum of six months. Esprit de Cognac is the original premium, perfumers’ alcohol used in France during the sixteenth through to the eighteenth century, which is being recreated by a twelfth-generation master distiller in Napa Valley, using non-GMO, pesticide-free grapes. Finally, the essences are decanted and bottled in Venice, California.

Words like “phenomenal” easily spring to mind to describe the range of twelve stunning fragrances.  Mist generously as they are more subtle than synthetic fragrances. Plus they are more ‘custom’ as they are greatly influenced by the wearer’s body chemistry and gender – so they’ll adapt to women and men, smelling more feminine or masculine accordingly.

If you were thinking of gifting that expensive bottle of whiskey to your folks this Christmas – we say, think again!

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