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THE BRAND: One Love Organics is a natural skincare range created by skilled cosmetic artisans who hand-make and hand-fill the products, using only the highest grade of ethically sourced raw materials to make up their clever formulas. With a philosophy focused on providing a few supreme products for your skin, One Love Organics believe we do not need to fill our shelves with lots of unnecessary potions. Their concise product range aims to give the skin what it needs, using the finest ingredients that provide direct benefits. We are all in favour of a simpler approach to beauty.

THE INGREDIENTS: One Love Organics products are handmade with love in small batches in their own manufacturing facility on St. Simons Island on the coast of Georgia. Products are formulated with only the finest natural emollients, essential oils, organic and 100% natural and naturally derived ingredients. In keeping with this commitment One Love Organics are in currently in the process of obtaining NATRUE certification.

WE LOVE: The Chia Whip Foaming Cleanser is a luxurious organic fragrance-free natural cleanser, that thoroughly removes dirt, excess oil and make-up. This lathering cleanser contains supercritical chia oil, a seed oil that has quickly become one of the top ‘super-foods’ for its high level of anti-oxidants, protein, vitamins and minerals, and as one of the richest sources of omega 3 fatty acids found in nature. Applied topically this super seed can help to increase skin hydration, improve skin-conditions such as itchy skin and increase the skins natural barrier function. Used daily this organic foaming cleanser will help wash away daily impurities and improve skin hydration. The Chia Whip Foam Cleanser also contains organic Aloe Vera and Rosemary extract, for their soothing and healing properties, perfect for sensitive skin (and noses!).


  • Morning Routine: Start by pouring a tablespoon of the Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque into your hand and add water until a paste is formed. Massage gently into the skin in a circular motion, focusing on the nose and chin area. Remove with warm water and My New Best Friend Skin Shammy. Splash face with cool water to tone the skin and close pores. Whilst the skin is damp, warm a pea sized amount of Skin Savior Waterless Balm on fingertips and apply to the skin. Massage into skin until it soaks in and skin doesn’t feel greasy. This is the perfect base before applying your choice of mineral powder for soft, radiant skin.
  • Evening Routine:  Double cleanse the skin, firstly by massaging a small amount of Skin Saviour Waterless Multi Balm into dry skin, using upward and outward stroke with fingertips. Remove excess balm and impurities with a clean, dry My New Best Friend Skin Shammy. Follow with a second cleanse using a small amount of One Love Organics Foaming Cleanser, purifying the face using gentle and circular motions, focusing on the throat, jaw line and behind areas for a thorough cleanse. Rinse and splash face with cool water to tone. Whilst the skin is damp, apply 2-4 drops of Love Springs Eternal Youth Serum to protect, hydrate and brighten the skin.
  • Weekly Treatment: Mix 1-2 tbsps of Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque with either water, manuka honey or goats yogurt. Apply the masque to a clean, damp face and then relax for 15-20 minutes whilst the masque is at work. ‘Relaxation will intensify your beauty treatment.’

HERO PRODUCT: We like the ‘Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster to improve the brightness and texture of the skin, as well as helping to improve smooth lines and wrinkles. As featured in the Zoe Report, this luscious lightweight serum will wake up your skin’s natural radiance. Included is Raspberry Leaf, a rich source of polypeptides, flavonoids, tannins and niacin that work to stimulate, tighten and tone the skin. In addition, Peppermint and Lemon balm work together to deliver a refreshing zing of anti-inflammatory antioxidants to help brighten and reduce puffiness. Omega 3 fatty acids work to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and help to protect the skin against everyday environmental damage. For best results, we like to alternate with ‘Love Springs Eternal Youth Serum to further shield the skin from environmental damage, protecting against premature ageing, for smooth, healthy, glowing skin.

SPECIAL MENTION: One Love Organics only uses water to formulate the ‘Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser.’ All other One Love Organics products do not contain water as it is not necessary. Water is not used as it does not benefit the skin and it’s exclusion helps prevent the risk of bacterial  growth. It also eliminates the need for irritating preservatives and possible reactions. All of One Love Organics products are  ultra-concentrated, therefore a little goes a long way! The products last up to three times longer than the average skincare products, plus the low water and high-concentration formulas means there is less packaging, less consumption and less transportation.

 ‘Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away’