THE LAUNCH: New UK Organic Skincare Brand Nourish Arrives at Content

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New to store and online this week is the Nourish Skin Range, an organic and natural skincare range formulated right here in the UK.  Adopting a motto of “Naturally Responsive Skincare”, Nourish uses advanced extracts from plants and applies them using the latest skin science.  With an easy-to-navigate range and some unique new ingredients, we are excited to have Nourish on the shelves at Content.

THE BRAND: With a crack team having over 20 years experience in formulating award winning natural and organic skincare, Nourish bring a wealth of experience to their range. These natural skincare products use the highest quality ingredients, while still remaining innovative and accessible. By focusing on the behaviour of different skin types, Nourish skincare products help you nurture the skin that you have, regardless of age or lifestyle. Effective formulas tackle the concerns of the 4 most common skin types, while individual lifestyle needs can be treated by custom selecting a treatment or serum .


The Nourish range is divided into 4 core skin types, so you can easily identify and cleanse, tone, and moisturise the skin that nature gave you. Based on your lifestyle and daily skin needs, you can then add in a nurturing Peptide Serum as the final step to help your skin cope effortlessly with what’s happening in your day.

Normal skins, choose Nourish Radiance (93% Organic)

  • For generally healthy, balanced skin, Nourish Radiance enhances luminosity and shrinks the appearance of pores with brightening Foxberry and light-reactive Tonka Bean Extracts. Skin looks bright, radiant, and refined. The mood boosting properties of Rose Absolute inspire confidence.

Dry or Deeply Dehydrated skins, choose Nourish Protect (94% Organic).

  • Defending your skin with protective Vitamin C, the Nourish Protect range provides deep moisturising and collagen boosting properties for skin that needs some extra help against environmental stresses. Mandarin and orange provide an uplifting scent.

Combination Skins, choose Nourish Balance (94% Organic)

  • Vitamin and mineral rich formulas in the Nourish Balance range help to purify and regulate sebum without being harsh or drying.  A cocktail of energising B Vitamins help skin to regain moisture balance, while Vitamin C & E protect and defend against pollution and stress. Scented with 100% natural crisp apple fragrance, Nourish Balance is fresh and revitalizing.

Sensitive or Reactive Skins, choose Nourish Relax (98% organic)

  • For stressed or allergic skins, this range helps to soothe inflammation and restore the skins resiliency while reducing redness and sensitivity. Bisabolol and ginger along with sensitive skin hero Carrot nurture and protect. With the scent of lavender oil, both your skin and your mind will be calm.

The Serums

We are loving the last step in a Nourish daily regime. Nourish Peptide Serums feature naturally based tripeptides which smooth the skin and hyaluronic acid for intense moisture combined with scientifically proven natural extracts to deliver an intense nutritional boost. Choose a serum from your core skin type range, or tailor to your needs according to your lifestyle or skin concern. Applied after moisturising, these serums help to defend and correct the signs of day to day life on your skin. We suggest…

If your skin is feeling tired – Try Nourish Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum

  • With holiday parties just on the horizon, keep this serum in mind when you need a boost of radiance and vitality. The Nourish Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum uses skin-brightening alpine foxberry and illuminating tonka bean, leaving your complexion radiant and naturally glowing.

If your skin a bit out of balance – Try Nourish Balance Nutritious Peptide Serum

  • All skin types can experience occasional oiliness or breakouts. Nourish Balance Nutritious Peptide Serum is full of B-Vitamins which can help to regulate sebum production and bring your skin back into balance. Perfect for those who’s daily stress often shows up on their face as to much shine.

If your skin leaves you feeling overexposed – Try Nourish Protect Replenishing Peptide Serum

  • If Autumn winds, Winter chill, or central heating leave your skin feeling dry and tight, then Nourish Protect Replenishing Peptide Serum, packed with protective vitamin C, can help your skin weather better through environmental changes. Intense moisture and defending antioxidants help keep skin glowing and comfortable, no matter what it is like outside.

If irritable skin is making you stressed out – Try Nourish Relax Hydrating Peptide Serum

  • When your skin gets a bit irritable, red, or over reactive, this serum can help it return to normal.  The Nourish Relax Hydrating Peptide Serum uses a clever blend of synergistic anti-inflammatory extracts, like bisabolol and ginger, to soothe, calm, and return your skin to happiness.


The Nourish Skin Range is comprised of natural formulations using a very high percentage of organic ingredients. Although what we think sets these formulas apart is their ability to attract fibroblasts. These tissue generating cells in the skin help to keep it plump, moist, and youthful. They have also selected ingredients that encourage collagen production and help the skin retain moisture. In addition, the use of natural peptides and advanced botanical extracts helps skin to stay healthy and vibrant. In particular, we’re excited to see a few new ingredients in these formulas…

  • Tonka Bean BioFerment is featured in the Radiance range. This fascinating new extract actually absorbs UV light, giving it some sun protective properties – although not ato be used as a sunscreen! In addition, it also optically brightens the skin, reducing the appearance of uneven skin tones and hyper-pigmentation, and giving the skin a luminous and refreshed look. Find it in Nourish Radiance Brightening Moisturiser.
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 is a key component of all 4 peptide serums. This naturally derived peptide penetrates into the skin, where is increases collagen production and prevents damage to collagen fibers from UV exposure and environmental stresses. This little peptide also has anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps to repair damaged skin and defend against further wear on the skin due to oxidative stress. Suitable for even sensitive skin. You can find it in Nourish Relax Hydrating Peptide Serum.
  • Organic Apple Fruit Powder provides the Balance Range with a natural compliment of vitamins and nutrients. Preventing the breakdown of elastin fibers in the skin, apple powder also helps to gently resurface the skin without disrupting the delicate moisture balance. Find it in Nourish Balance Refining Toning Mist.

WE LOVE:  We really get excited when ranges use advanced botanical extracts alongside time tested beauty boosters like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. We also adore getting a little extra help with our daily skin concerns from one of Nourish Skincare’s 4 Peptide Serums. We add in a little Radiance Serum when the weather is a bit dull, but we don’t want our skin to be. Or a little Balance Serum on top of our moisturiser if stress is showing up as shine in our T-Zone. Perfect for balancing skin throughout the day.

SPECIAL MENTION: For a boost of moisture and nourishment, apply a small amount of Nourish’s  Argan Skin Rescue, featuring Argan and Crambe Abyssinica oil to any skin that needs a helping hand. When you’re done, run your hands through your hair to add a bit of extra shine and tame flyaway hairs. This treatment does double the work!