THE LAUNCH: Mantraband Bracelets Land at Content

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It was Buddha who first said “you are what you think” – and to this day, we couldn’t agree more. Few things are as powerful as thoughts. So, we like to give our wellbeing a boost for a happy life through positive affirmations. It’s one of our #ContentRituals for content-ment, obviously!

In fact, it’s been proven that positive affirmations can do wonders for our wellbeing and self-confidence: repeated daily, they can help rewire our brain, strengthen our intentions and keep us motivated and focused. If you’ve got a goal or an intention in mind you’re urging to manifest, we’d urge you to follow suit! What better way to be reminded to be present and enjoy the ride, than to see a mantra on yourself?

So we’re beyond excited to unveil the Mantraband bracelets, new at Content. These mindful bracelets are the cutest little reminders to choose happiness, to live what you love and to be present in every moment.


So choose your own Mantraband in silver, yellow gold or rose gold with inspiring affirmations like “Enjoy the Journey” or “Follow Your Heart” – or gift one to your friend and remind him/her you’re Forever Friends”. Our pick? The clever ‘Peace Comes From Within’ which has the mantra inscribed on the inner side of the band as a message to yourself. They’re adjustable so you don’t have to worry about size and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face or help you keep your perspective during the toughest of times. We’re obsessed!

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