THE LAUNCH: Kure Bazaar 4-Free Nail Polishes Exclusive UK Launch at Content

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New online and in-store this week is Kure Bazaar’s range of eco-friendly nail polishes. Made in France, these polishes which are made from a naturally derived formula, provide impeccable resistance, are quick drying and leave nails ultra-glossy. We are excited to have all 26 colours lined up on the shelves at Content, ready to start experimenting…

THE BRAND: Kure Bazaar combines the ethics of an eco-natural formula with the vibrant colours of fashion. After years of research, Kure Bazaar have  dramatically decreased the use of common synthetic chemicals in their formula. Not only are the nail varnishes free from the more harmful chemicals, but they are also long-lasting, resistant to chipping, and come in a variety of super-glossy colours. Founded by Brazilian-model Kartika Luyet, it all began when she was pregnant with her son, ‘I had this “awakening” and I started to be more and more conscious of what I was putting in my body. I choose as much as possible to eat organic and then it also drifted to my cosmetic choices. As much as I love nail polishes, during the first months after the birth of my baby, I had naturally stopped wearing them.’ Inspired to wear colour again Karlika joined forces with one of her closest friends (who happens to have been in the cosmetic industry for over 20 years) and seriously started to look into the alternatives. They were fortunate to work together with one of the best laboratories today, who accepted to take on the challenge of glossy nail polish in fashion colours…

THE INGREDIENTS: Kure Bazaar Nail Polishes work to preserve the vitality of nails and respect their natural cycle of regeneration. 85% of the ingredients used in the unique formula are naturally derived, consisting of wheat, cotton, potatoes, corn and wood pulp.

WE LOVE:  The rainbow of colours are inspired by fashion and all represent their own unique style. We especially love Sofisticato, a cool mushroom beige; Septembera warm berry jam colour for Autumn and the whole Jeans Collection, for it’s inspired blue denim references.

HOW TO USE: Apply the Kure Bazaar First Base to clean dry nails, then follow with one or two coats of your favourite colour. Leave to dry and finish with Kure Bazaar Final Touch to seal the colour and keep nails stronger and chip-resistant for longer.

HERO PRODUCT: We love the colour Stiletto a classic red that is perfect for those who prefer a traditional, flawless colour. We will be wearing this glossy red with our Autumn wardrobe for a bold, daring look.

SPECIAL MENTION: The ‘natural nail’ sector has finally been updated with the highest percentage of natural ingredients (85%) possible to achieve today. 4-free formulas are free from toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor, so you can be content in knowing that your nails will remain healthy, strong and smooth, as well as pretty colourful!