Range Review: Kahina Giving Beauty Arrives At Content In London

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You asked for it (several times!) and now its here – launching in store and online this week is a #greenbeauty brand designed to not only enhance and nourish the skin back to a state of equanimity – but to improve the lives of the ‘artisan heroines’ behind the brand through the generous charity work that lies at the heart of Kahina Giving Beauty. We even have an exclusive new product launch to the UK. For the first time, the FEZ Hand and Body Balm is available this side of the Atlantic! Find out more of what we love about this mindful beauty range…..

The History: Discovering Argan Oil on a trip to the Moroccan desert back in 2007 and after experiencing the profound benefits that it had on her own skin, founder Katharine L’Heureux felt destined to share her #naturalbeauty discovery with those around her and through doing just that, found a way to unite women throughout the globe by sharing a collective beauty ritual direct from the hands of the Berber women themselves.

The Ethos: Using ethical and sustainably sourced raw materials, all Kahina Giving Beauty products are certified natural and organic, utilize recycled and recyclable packaging and contribute donations to the women who work to provide the raw materials the products contain. The brand additionally donates a percentage to the High Atlas Foundation to support their one billion tree campaign and to deliver clean drinking water to a girls school in the High Atlas Mountains.

Stamped with certifications from Ecocert, Leaping Bunny (no animal testing here!) and the Forest Stewardship Council, Kahina doesn’t stop there but works to enhance both ends of the supply chain to ensure that the traditions and culture of the Berber women are nurtured and sustained.

The Hero Ingredient: The complete Kahina Giving Beauty range utilises the nourishing properties of free radical neutralizing and environmental stressor deterring Argan Oil – making it ideal for those living in urban settings. This Vitamin E rich oil is then combined with some of our favourite natural ingredients and super #skinfoods from around the world. You’ll find green tea, carrot seed oil, coffee berry, sea buckthorn and even one of our favourite herbs, the adaptogen rhodiola rosea (read more about it here), all featured in the organic formulas. Special mention we think, goes the the addition of resveratrol from red wine grapes, renowned for its age-fighting properties it makes the Kahina Night Cream a potent overnight treatment.

The Products: Made up of a base range of Cleanser (yes you did read that correctly, it does contain Moroccan Blue Tansya fav of ours for calming irritations), Toning Mist (beautifully scented with Moroccan Desert Rose), Face Lotion (a lightweight and easily absorbed moisturiser containing Hyaluronic Acid) and Argan Oil (the multi-tasking hero product that started it all). The Kahina Giving Beauty ‘at-home-ritual’ can then be customised to suit your skin type – add a once a week treatment with the Antioxidant Mask, which doubles as an exfoliant, the choice of two serums (brightening or anti-ageing) and what we think is set to be a Content hero product the Night Cream  – we are loving the texture of this product. Not to be forgotten, the eyes have also been seen to with a light eye serum featuring line plumping peptides.

Newer additions to the range include the FEZ Body Serum and the (available exclusively here!) FEZ Hand and Body Balm. Both are richly nourishing for skin and contain the signature ‘FEZ’ scent, a mix of rose, orange blossom and spices inspired by the sacred Imperial city of Fez.

All of Kahina Giving Beauty products take advantage of the incredibly nourishing and hydrating properties of organic argan oil. Extremely high in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, argan oil has been shown to neutralize free radicals that cause signs of aging and protect the skin from environmental stressors. Kahina Giving Beauty offers simple and effective organic skincare, free of harmful ingredients. – See more at:

We Love: This clever collection of organic and natural #skinfood for the face and body is gentle enough to be used by the #contentbeauties with sensitive skin – even the eczema-prone. Our #toptip would be to take a closer look at the serums – we think they are gems. The Kahina Serum is formulated to offer a potent dose of antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits thanks to the combined properties of stimulating coffee berry extract and antioxidant rich pomegranate; and the Brightening Serum is great for treating and preventing hyper-pigmentation through the combination of Japanese Seaweed known to prevent skin discolouration and skin healing White Lily. Not to be overlooked!

Special Mention: Named after a Berber Queen and prophetess, ‘Kahina’ is a symbol of empowerment and a heroine for the Berber women. The beautiful packaging displays the vital part the Berber women play in the the creation of the Kahina Giving Beauty brand by featuring their signatures as apart of the design.

Not sure where to start? Our tip would be to take home the Kahina Travel Basics Kit of Cleanser, Face Lotion and Argan Oil and get your hands (literally) on the new FEZ Hand and Body Balm Then grow your Kahina #greenbeauty cabinet from there!