THE LAUNCH: Four Sigmatic Superfood Mushroom Coffee

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Coffee fans rejoice! We’ve found a way to get a little caffeine hit without the jitters. Four Sigmatic’s latest offering Superfood Mushroom Coffee, which has just hit shelves, is set to make your coffee morning routine that much better. Let us tell you why…

The product: Imagine a superfood upgrade to your coffee: this is it. Each sachet contains medium-roasted 100% Arabica coffee and a balanced mix of 500 mg dual mushroom extracts: Chaga for boosting immunity and Cordyceps for supporting your adrenals. So unlike regular coffee, you’re consuming half the caffeine of a regular cup, but receiving double the effects of the energy boost. You’re not sacrificing anything on taste either – trust us, it’s so good, you’ll forget there’s even mushrooms in it! The other added benefit is that it has less acidity than regular coffee, so if you suffer from stomach burn, it will help minimise it.

Ingredients: Coffee’s benefits as the world’s most widely used antioxidant-rich superfood are well known. As for medicinal mushrooms, these are potent supporters of blood circulation and blood sugar control – these adaptogenic mushrooms are made to support the adrenal glands and immune system, increasing energy and performance so they make the perfect match for coffee.

How to Use: One sachet per day is the recommended dose. Drink as you would enjoy your regular hot cuppa: empty one sachet in boiling water or add it directly to your dairy milk substitute of choice and stir until dissolved, either in the morning for your coffee ‘kick’ or during the day for a coffee break. Try it cold too as an iced coffee: just add some almond milk, ice, sweetener and blend.

You can ‘bulletproof’ your coffee too – simply add one teaspoon of raw butter or coconut oil and blend for a frothy, indulging cup of coffee. You can read more about that here.

As a weekend treat, we love to make our own ‘superfood’ mocha – simply mix one coffee sachet with one sachet of XOCO (Raw Cacao and Reishi) and some almond milk for a delicious superfood treat. Or, add it to your raw chocolate brownie batch mix if you’re feeling adventurous.

We Love: It’s the perfect drink for a morning caffeine boost and a tasty and easy way of getting our daily dose of immunity and energy boosting superfoods. Plus it tastes delicious and perfectly balanced, with no hint of mushroom taste, no burnt taste and no bitterness of over-brewed coffee. Yum!

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