THE LAUNCH: Dr Jackson’s Natural Products Arrives at Content

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THE BRAND: Dr Jackson’s Natural Products is a niche cosmeceutical company, producing natural products based on Pharmacognosy principles and utilising the best from nature. For those without a dictionary to hand, Pharmacognosy is the study of medicines from natural products.

Dr Jackson has been researching ethno-pharmacological leads (traditional medicines) from the rainforests of the Amazon to the rainforests of Indonesia and is working in Sub-Saharan Africa on the more temperate tropical forests identifying new drug leads from other traditional medicines, working with local healers, shamans, and indigenous plants.

Learning from traditional healers, Dr Jackson has spent 19 years of research in laboratories around the world, collaborating with the best formulation scientists to produce this his range of natural skin care products.

WE LOVE: The in-depth, scientific research behind the brand combined with a back-to-nature approach. Dr Jackson has traveled across continents to learn about nature’s best skincare remedies, many of which have either not been discovered yet, or simply forgotten in favour of modern progress.

We also appreciate his sustainable and ethical approach. As users and fans of herbal medicine, we love that Dr Jackson is a strong supporter of medicinal plant research. Part of the profit goes towards the Natural Product Community (NCP), whose aim is to promote the research into medicinal plants and to support the indigenous cultures in the places where these plants naturally derive. In this way, he hopes to pass on this ‘science’ to future generations.


  • Day routine: Apply 02 Skin Cream and massage into skin well. Throughout the day, enjoy a cup of his detox and relax tea (ideally, one of each). We are particularly fond of the cleansing Detox Tea, which contains a blend of detoxifying plants, such as Fennel, Elder flowers, Aniseed, Liquorice and Senna fruit. Great to gently cleanse and purify the body and skin. For particularly dry skin or during cold winter weather add a drop or two of the 03 Face Oil to boost the moisturiser.
  • Night Routine: Use the Coconut Melt to clean the skin and compress off with a warm cloth. After patting dry, apply a few drops of the 03 Face Oil. Dr Jackson has blended this oil, using 100% natural ingredients such as Baobab, which is rich in lonoeic acids (to improve skin tone) and Marula Oil: known for its deeply penetrating moisturising properties. Calendula is known for its anti-inflammatory, soothing and refreshing properties, whilst Arnica has an anti-inflammatory effect.

HERO PRODUCT: We are fans of the 02 Skin Cream. Designed for a normal/combination skin type, this lightweight cream is easily absorbed and provides deep hydration, whilst fighting blemishes. This skin cream has been formulated using natural extracts of: Kigelia, Baobab, Frankincense and Mango Seed Extract. This is an outstanding cocktail for the skin: Kigelia is traditionally used to repair and ensure blemish-free skin, while Baobab helps to alleviate dry and damaged skin, while improving skin tone and elasticity. Frankincense is known for its anti-inflammatory and skin healing capabilities, while Mango Seed Extract for its superior moisturising properties. Those with dry skin may find that it works for them too or it can easily be boosted with a few drops of 03 Face Oil.

SPECIAL MENTION:  We know it what’s inside that counts, but what’s outside does too at CONTENT!. As the range is unisex (cult beauty blog Manface is already a fan) and led by science, this is reflected in the beautiful, minimalistic amber and black glass packaging. The result is a work of nature + art!