THE LAUNCH: A Content Exclusive – Intelligent Nutrients New Range of Plant Stem Cell Skincare

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We are excited to reveal four new products to join the Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Skincare range. This new range of scientifically advanced formulas combine potent bioactives from Intelligent Nutrients exclusive combination of Plant, Seed and Sea derived ingredients.

Meristematic Plant Stem Cell Science is a revolutionary, evolutionary, proprietary biotech process light-years ahead of its time. Shunning chemicals, Intelligent Nutrients have cultivated stem cells in perfect lab conditions, allowing them to capture the plant nutrients at the moment they’ve reached their maximum potential and benefit for skin. Coalesced with the antioxidant powerhouse that is the Intellimune Super Seed Complex – a blend containing thousands of certified organic fruit and vegetable seeds cold pressed from their purest state to ensure they retain optimum life-giving vitality – and a combination of  Sea Algae for redness reducing and promoting skin clarity, this potent combination of ingredients assists in the eradication of free radicals and inflammation whilst promoting healthy cellular activity and growth.

Utilising a process that consists of the cultivation of rare, highly active plant stem cells featuring antioxidant concentrations up to one thousand times more potent than conventionally harvested plants, the ingredients featured within the range undergo a proprietary biotech process allowing for the selection and reproduction of antioxidant-rich plant stem cells to be cultivated without the use of soil. Featuring Lilac to boost skins defense mechanisms to oxidative stress, Edelweiss to rejuvenate damaged cells and reduce fine lines, Coneflower for increased hydration and elasticity and Pennywort to visibly even out skin tone, these plant derived actives are further infused with Sustainable Algae Bioactives know to combat the process of ageing whilst promoting healthy skin.


Clarifying, cooling and smoothing, Lilac Plant Stem Cells infused within this gentle cleansing gel sweeps away impurities and excess oil whilst Marine Sugar Algae Complex purifies and clarifies for a soft, evenly toned complexion for all skin types.

USE: Apply a small amount to face and throat massaging to create a light lather. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

This hydrating and soothing creamy cleansing milk assists in the removal of environmental build-up, impurities and makeup. Feeding, softening and prepping the skin with Argan, Acai and active aromatic oils, this nourishing formula is suitable for all skin types, including dry, delicate and sensitive.

USE: Apply 1-2 pumps to face and throat massaging in. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Designed for all skin types, especially those prone to oiliness and dryness, this super-fine polish is infused with skin-smoothing Micro jojoba beads to eradicate dull surface cells, Lilac Plant Stem Cells to assist in the management of excess oil and Marine Sugar Algae Complex that purifies, refines, moisturisers and primes the skin for maximum treatment.

USE: Apply daily to damp face and neck massaging gently to exfoliate dead surface cells, rinse and pat try. Can also be used as a mask for intense treatment. #TIP – Avoid using on active breakouts.

This alcohol-free, quenching and calming formula balances and hydrates with Chlorella Algae and Brown Algae Complex. Reinforcing skins natural barrier, Lilac Plant Stem Cells unique soothing agents calm the skin in preparation for optimum serum application. Suitable for all skin types, including dry, delicate and sensitive.

USE: Mist over face and neck after cleansing, gently pressing into the skin to refresh and rehydrate as desired.


  • Coralline Red Algae is rich in minerals, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc, helping to soothe, smooth and restore delicate skin prone to redness whilst strengthening fine capillaries to inhibit external irritants.
  • Brown Algae helps to calm, soothe, reduce redness and tone unbalanced skin.
  • Chlorella Green Algae and Brown Algae Complex delivers ultra-hydration with long-term effects, boosting skins natural protective barrier
  • Marine Algae Sugar Complex contains a sebum regulator that assists in the eradication of impurities from the skin, removing excess oil and encouraging cell-renewal for improved clarity

WE LOVE: Intelligent Nutrients unique incorporation of potent plant ingredients combined with the nourishing and restorative properties of sea-derived bioactives that work together synergistically to soothe, balance and strengthen the skin at a deeply cellular level. Plant Stem Cells signal an exciting development for skincare ingredients, not only do they boast 1000 times the activity of conventional plants, but on top of that 1000’s of tons of water is saved in growing, which helps support the environment. This relatively new biotech process helps preserve biodiversity and reserve land for food and agricultural use.

 Intelligent Nutrient’s Plant Stem Cell Skincare range is currently exclusive to Content and available in store and online now.