The Jasmine Garden Botanic Mist from May Lindstrom Arrives in the UK

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As lifelong fans of the sweetly pungent aroma of the jasmine flower, when we learnt of May Lindstrom’s new botanical mist, The Jasmine Garden, we couldn’t wait to experience the delight we knew this #mindfulbeauty brand would lovingly produce. As anticipated one single spray and we were hooked!

The Product: A deliciously fragrant mist that is not only a treat for the senses, but a cleverly formulated skin remedy. Designed to infuse cells with antioxidant protection, this light and dewy facial spray will restore delicate complexions prone to redness and inflammation back to a state of equanimity.

The Ingredients: Whilst Jasmine is the star of the show the unique aroma pays tribute to antioxidant heroes with richly intoxicating undertones of cocoa and a hint of vanilla. But while the scent is part of the treatment, the inclusion of Argentum Metallicum, a form of silver that helps combat irritation and inflammation makes it ideal for conditions such as eczema. Interestingly, we found that not only is this a great support for delicate skin conditions as used here, but in homeopathy Argentum Metallicum is traditionally recognised for its ability to remedy anxiousness and restlessness which may revive and elevate the mood. The inclusion of Witch Hazel makes this a serious anti-inflammatory skin remedy.

How To Use: Use on freshly cleansed skin to seal in hydration and again after make-up to set and encourage a natural glow. Or try what we have been doing which is spraying it from head to toe to brighten your mood and skin. It also works wonderfully as a hair perfume.

We Love: Can we say everything? Obviously as serious Jasmine and Cacao fans the fact that we love the scent goes without saying. We also love how versatile this mist is….try it misted over make-up, sprayed into hair or at your desk as an energy mist to enliven the skin as well as your mood.

So whether you’re looking for a luxurious addition to your current #organicbeauty collection or are simply as in love with Jasmine as we are, get misting with this artisan botanic mist and enliven your mind, body, skin and spirit.