THE INTERVIEW: Sarah Brown from Pai Skincare Shares Her Skin Confidence Tips

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sarah-brown2With the launch of the new Pai Skincare Age Confidence Facial Oil we asked founder Sarah Brown for her 5 top tips for being skin confident….

1. Cleanse with a detergent-free product to keep pH and oil levels in balance. Detergents strip away the skin’s natural oils and are also very alkaline, so disturb the protective acid mantle. Correcting your cleansing regime can have an instantly transformative effect on the skin.

2. Less is more – don’t overload the skin with products it doesn’t need and don’t over-use the ones it does. I’m against following set regimes that may not meet the needs of your exact skin type. Get to know your skin, and create a routine that supports its natural processes rather than suppressing them.

3. Essential Fatty Acids are the building blocks of healthy skin – both inside and out. Pai Skincare products are packed with them, but I also recommend investing in an Omega supplement to take internally – particularly if you suffer from skin sensitivity and allergies.  Invest in a good organic blend and always store in the fridge.

4. Cut down on refined sugar. Eating too much of it causes an overproduction of insulin which in turn affects our hormone levels. Hormone surges can increase sebum production – that’s why chocolate (of the cheaper variety) gives you spots, it’s not a myth!

5. Happy mind = happy skin. Emotional wellbeing can have a significant impact on skin condition. Stress puts tremendous strain on the immune system which then impairs skin function. Acne flares, for instance, can stem from increased levels of cortisol – the stress hormone.