THE INTERVIEW: Our Favourite Natural Beauties Share their New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year’s resolutions – love or loathe them, it’s likely that most of us will be looking back at the year gone and resolving to make changes in the year to come. So if you’re keen to put your resolutions down on paper, why not get some inspiration from our favourite healthy foodies, natural beauties and wellbeing experts first? Get them below! You can also read our personal new year’s resolutions here.

Resolutions from our favourite healthy foodies

Ella Woodward, Founder of Deliciously Ella – I’m planning on working on tuning in to the way I feel more, I want to start a short daily meditation and be kinder to myself rather than always pushing myself!

Danielle Copperman, Founder of Qnola & Model Mange ToutMy resolution is to eat even more simply. I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the simplicity of food and how as more and more trends arise from the popularity of healthy living in the uk, the more complicated things are becoming. Whilst I love healthy ‘treats’ like raw cakes and almond butter smoothies, I think there needs to be more emphasis on the genuine necessities of a healthy diet. too many dates and nuts can end up having a strain on our systems as well as our bank accounts, and although we all need a treat sometimes, they are over priced and actually pretty processed in comparison to simpler foods and individual ingredients. you don’t have to have raw chocolate and dehydrated crackers to be healthy but as eateries and companies increase, people assume they do in order to feel their best. My New Year’s resolution is to keep snacks simpler – like completely natural fruits and vegetables and healthy pseudo grains snacks.

So my resolution is to indulge less in interesting and exciting snack foods that are tempting, and healthy, but that I don’t reeeeaaallllllly need and aren’t necessarily essential for general wellbeing. I aim to achieve this by:

  • Embracing individual ingredients rather than processed – to give my digestive system a rest.
  • Cutting down on nut butters, pastes or blended snacks which are concentrated and, although made with natural ingredients, quite tough to digest and very rich.
  • Focus on simple combinations of basic ingredients, that our bodies are used to. Concentrated forms of things like nuts and sugary fruits can have just as bad an effect on our bodies as artificial snacks.

Laura Bond, Nutritional Health Coach – Spend less time thinking about food – what I’m going to cook, what my clients should be eating… what I am going to instagram – and more time meditating. I’ve been doing it for 20 minutes in the morning and have already noticed a difference. But by the time 4pm rolls around my head is swimming again – worrying about deadlines, making internal to-do lists, fretting rather than focusing on the task at hand. I know from the research what a profound impact meditation can have; studies show it can lower cortisol, improve memory and slow ageing. To tap those benefits you need to ‘sit’ twice daily according to scientist and master meditator Thom Knoles. I was privileged to do his 4 day introductory course in Paris in October – and decided then to make it my 2016 resolution!’

Zoe LVH, Founder of WunderWorkshop and Boobs’ Essential Oil – Albert Einstein once said “Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better”. I have found that I can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the work and to-do lists involved in running a small start-up. With our lives constantly being dominated by technology and social media, it is easy to lose touch with our true feelings and personal wellbeing. We also obsess over the future and forget the present moment. I therefore plan to spend more time in nature, to breath and soak up fresh air and to become more grounded and feel confident about my current choices.

Madeleine Shaw, Nutritionist – 

  • Move More: Ill make sure I get this done by scheduling it in, I like to do exercise at home so I get it done and over with, ill play my glow guides (out in January) workout through my laptop, sweat it out and then I am done for the day – feeling smug!
  • Be kind to myself: I can put a lot of pressure on myself to work hard and achieve my goals, so Im going to reflect every night before i go to bed on how well Im doing and all the amazing and exciting things I have in my life.
  • Spend more time with my family: By prioritising my family over myself and work, going home more for supper and being present with them.

Michaela Olexova, Prana Yoga Teacher – Whatever you want to call it – New Year’s resolutions, intentions, projections, visualisations – when I’m setting my own resolutions, I like to use the present tense as if the events were already taking place. It helps not only to write them down but I often draw pictures, create a collage of magazine pages and inspirational quotes, a scrap book or a Pinterest mood board to engage with all my senses and creative side of my brain. The brighter, colourful and detailed picture the better. Once I know what I want, I can break it down to digestible bites and start moving towards the desired destination one step at the time. Remember, seeing is believing…and it helps the energy to flow towards the life you love.

Resolutions from our favourite natural beauties

Rose-Marie Swift, Founder of rms beauty Educating the world to clean up the air, water and food so we can do a better beauty regime more naturally.

Tata Harper, Founder of Tata Harper My resolution for 2016 is to meditate for 30 minutes every morning and every evening. It can be tough to find the time, but it makes a world of difference for my state of mind when I do.

May Lindstrom, Founder of May Lindstrom Skin This year, I’ll be letting in the light. I’m adding more color to my home, more space to my desk, and more breathing room in my calendar just for ME. This year, I will spend more days with my face to the sun, and more days hand in hand with my darling daughter. This year holds all the magic and preciousness of every year before and still to come… and this year – I’ll pay attention, and drink it all in.

Sarah, Founder of SKIN & TONIC – I’d like to spend less time on my devices before going to bed and to start practising restorative yoga regularly in the evening, giving me more time to unwind and switch off from work.

Rachel, Founder of Soapwalla Deodorant My number 1 New Year’s resolution is to set aside a chunk of time per day, and a day each week, that is just for me – no work, no obligations, no judgements 😀