THE INTERVIEW: MightyBee Organic Foods and Drinks

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We’re crazy about fresh coconut water at #ContentHQ – but also increasingly discerning, as the brands which are more readily available sadly tend to be less fresh than they are made out to be. A common pet peeve of ours are brands that claim to be ‘fresh’ only to have been heat-pasteurised in to preserve shelf life, or made using artificial sweeteners. So, when we came across MightyBee‘s coconut water we were seriously impressed. Surely because of its taste (although the cute packaging doesn’t hurt either, mind you) but upon closer inspection, we realised that it sustainable to boot: it’s unprocessed and Soil Association Certified! So, we caught up with the MightyBee team to discover more about this exciting range.

  • What’s the story and concept behind MightyBee?

MightyBee is committed to changing the way we think about, deliver and consume food. We advocate for food democracy, and the production, distribution and consumption of food in an honest, caring and peaceful way. We are now the first in the UK to supply organic fresh frozen coconut meat and coconut water.

We are our own customers, we will never provide a product that we wouldn’t love to eat or drink ourselves. Our aim is to produce honest future foods that our children will continue to enjoy.

  • We’re huge fans of your organic coconut water, what makes yours different?

Before our founders Ice and Josh started the business, they travelled across Southeast Asia, eventually arriving in Ratchaburi, Thailand, home of the extraordinary Nam Hom coconuts. Lovingly grown by local farmers, this fruit is cultivated especially for drinking and has an intense, unique sweetness and fragrant cannot be found in other species of coconuts. Our young green coconuts are hand picked when at their optimum condition. This ensures our coconut water is the sweetest, most natural tasting coconut water.

  • What are the biggest challenges you face running MightyBee and the sustainable cultivation of coconut products?

We pride ourselves on our ethical values – there has been no compromise on the ingredients we use, or where they are sourced. Being Soil Association Certified ensures we are using only the best natural and organic ingredients, which does mean the price of our products is higher, but than in turn relates to us paying our farmers 3 times more. This ensures they have a sustainable business, and from that they are able to re-invest this into a profitable business. In our minds, as our business thrives, we do all that we can to ensure that those associated with MightyBee grow also.

  • You also make the coconut flesh. What are your favourite ways for using it?

Sure! Young coconut meat is the soft, rich flesh of green coconuts before they fully mature, and is a good source of protein, potassium and fibre. It is high in essential medium chain fatty acids and trace minerals Manganese, Potassium and Copper. Helping with both digestion and metabolism while boosting immune and nervous systems. Used as a dairy alternative in numerous baking and cooking recipes, coconut meat is also popular among vegans and food allergy sufferers.

Our coconut water and coconut meat are perfect partners, enjoy them together in our signature smoothie: simply blend them together and add your favourite mix of leafy greens, fruit, nuts, seeds or even edible flowers.

After a fun night out, why not wake up to a fast relief hangover cure, Coco-Matcha. Simply blend 250ml of coconut water, 3 pieces of coconut meat, pinch sea salt and 1 tsp of matcha Powder. antioxidants and electrolytes are key component of any hangover treatment, and you can get plenty of them from coconut water and matcha. It’s also easily made into a puree and added to baby food, increasing nutritional value and helping to protect the body from infection.

  • What’s the best wellbeing tip you’ve been given – and one that you would like to share with your followers?

We got this tip from a friend recently – organic wild cactus oil in Africa packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and is great for preventing skin aging. We are amazed to find out that it’s even much more concentrated than argan oil, and it’s now eager to get our hands on these oil that do wonders!

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