THE INTERVIEW: Meet Pilates Instructor and Lifestyle Blogger Lottie Murphy

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We’ve been following inspiring Pilates instructor and healthy lifestyle blogger Lottie Murphy for some time now – thanks to her blog and Instagram account, we’re never short of eat clean and fitness inspiration! So we thought we’d catch up with her and find out more about her fitness and wellbeing journey and share it with our natural beauties readers.

  • How did your journey into the world of wellbeing start? When did you first become interested in Pilates?

I started Pilates whilst training at Ballet College and fell in love with how it made my body feel. I performed better as a dancer and loved how even after one session I would feel more aligned and balanced. I then became interested in nutrition and wellbeing after leaving Ballet College and I started following healthy lifestyle blogs and read The Power Of Now: I then decided to start my own blog, train as a Pilates instructor and haven’t looked back since.

  • What are the main benefits to practicing Pilates?

Pilates works your deep intrinsic muscles like no other form of exercise, which support your joints and spine meaning you be preventing injuries, by creating a strong body. Your core works with every Pilates exercise so you will definitely get a stronger core from regular practice. There’s also a lot of mindfulness that comes with Pilates as you concentrate on your breath and alignment as well. As well as becoming more body aware, your posture will improve from increasing the movement in your spine and opening your shoulders. There’s too many benefits to mention but consistency is key to seeing them.

  • What’s your top wellbeing or fitness tip for anyone who wants to be healthier?

Do what you love. With regards to fitness, don’t force yourself to the gym if you are absolutely dreading it. Find a class or go for a walk with your friend and the same goes for healthy eating. Find healthy foods that you love rather than eating boring chicken and broccoli every night. It should be a lifestyle not a chore.

  • What’s your eating ethos? Also, where do you get inspiration for eating clean?

I wouldn’t put a label to the way I eat like vegan, raw or paleo. I fit somewhere in the middle of them all! I eat mainly vegetarian whole food but still eat small amounts of good quality dairy, meat and fish. I am very balanced with my eating but naturally have a passion for eating healthy, so it doesn’t feel like an effort for me. I always make healthy choices, but if I fancy fish and chips or popcorn at the cinema then I will have it. I don’t deprive myself. I get my inspiration from social media, other healthy blogs and chatting to people who are passionate about eating healthy too.

  • What do you like to snack on and drink throughout the day?

I love snacking although it is something I’m trying to cut back on a bit. My favourite things to snack on are home-made flapjacks or bliss balls, dark chocolate, hummus and carrot or cucumber sticks and I love olives.

  • What is your favourite indulgence?

I can’t resist a good homemade cake or dessert. My favourites are carrot cake and tiramisu. I love that I can make healthy alternatives to these desserts though. Oh and pistachio ice cream! If it’s on the menu at a restaurant then there’s no way I’m not having it!

  • Any supplements you can’t do without?

I am currently taking a probiotic every morning, but I’m not strict with taking supplements as haven’t noticed a huge difference since taking any. As I eat a varied nourishing diet, I like to get all my nutrients and vitamins from that.

  • Any inspirational quotes/teachings you like to live by?

“It’s not about being good at something, it’s about being good to yourself.”

“Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Keep going on your own unique journey a step at a time.”

  • How can you remain healthy when leading a particularly busy lifestyle? Any advice?

If caring about your body and mind is a priority to you, then it doesn’t matter how busy you are. If you constantly making excuses for not eating healthy or working out then ask yourself why and ask yourself- “how much of a priority is this to me?”. It will make you re-evaluate where you are spending most your time. We all have time to be healthy!

Image credits: Gary Morrisroe

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