THE INTERVIEW: Meet Lina Hanson From Newly Launched Global Face Serum

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We chat to the founder of the new Global Face Serum, Lina Hanson about the anti-ageing benefits of this universal serum and learn why Lina spent two years travelling the globe, to source the best possible ingredients for creating this miracle serum…

How did you develop the Global Face Serum and who is it for?

I never intended to start a brand, but I’ve been making my own skin care concoctions for a long time. In my travels
 as a make-up artist, I found that there were oils in various parts of the world that did wonders for the skin. I was determined to collect the best ingredients out there. It took me over two years to develop this unique and exotic blend of oils. I started using the serum on my clients and word got around. I work with so many different people that it was important for me that it would work for all skin-types, ages and ethnicities. Both women and men can use it. It’s truly a universal product.

What makes your serum different to others, which also focus on anti-ageing?

Global Face Serum is a combination of oils sourced from 
all around the world. These high quality oils are sourced directly from women’s cooperatives, farmers and producers worldwide to help support their economic growth. It’s unique as it has a very balancing effect on the skin, no matter the age or skin-type. This serum also works great as a primer before a make-up application, as it gives your skin an incredible glow.

What is the most unique ingredient used in your serum and how did you come across it?

Several ingredients used in our serum like Marula, Baobab and Argan for example, are indigenous to places like Morocco, South America and South Africa, which make them very unique. I travel a lot, and am exposed to a lot of different people and cultures. I learnt that people all around the world have used these oils for centuries with incredible results.

What are the key organic make-up products you keep in your professional kit?

  • Global Face SerumI always apply it as a primer before I start makeup. It soaks into the skin right away, keeps the skin moisturized, and gives the skin a glow.
  • Tatcha Blotting Papers: These natural blotting papers are great for excess shine, and won’t move any make-up. I give my clients these before they step on the red carpet.
  • Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi Use BlushThese cream blushes blend well, and give your cheeks a healthy glow.
  • Ilia Beauty LipsticksLong lasting and moisturising lipsticks with great shades.