THE INTERVIEW: Meet Laura Rudoe From New Organic Cosmeceutical Brand S5 Skincare

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Ingredient advances in the realms of organic skincare are becoming increasingly interesting with independent clinical trials proving natural is no sacrifice! One brand using the latest in research and ingredient advances is S5 Skincare. We chat to founder Laura Rudoe about the range and the latest must have ingredients….

S5 is a certified organic skincare range using very unique plants from all over the world. Why did you choose extreme ecosystems as the inspiration for the S5 Skincare range?

The inspiration for S5 Skincare came from our own skin care experiences. We spent many years searching for products that were right for our skin. We knew natural products were best for our skin, but we weren’t completely happy with the results that we had seen. That was when we decided to develop S5.

We scoured the globe looking for natural ingredients that performed as well as the synthetic ingredients used elsewhere. What we discovered surprised us. The natural ingredients we found delivered not only comparable results to their synthetic counterparts, but in many cases far superior clinical results.

Assembling the best in class ingredients we had found, we realised an incredible fact: the most powerful natural actives can be found in the earth’s most extreme ecosystems, where the plants themselves overcome extreme stress to fight for survival and constantly adapt to stay youthful and healthy.

We all know that long periods of stress can have a negative effect on our mind and body but what kind of impact does stress have on the skin?  

Recent scientific research has shown that there is a strong link between inflammation in the body and ageing. This link has been proven in degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s as well as in skin.

When the skin is put under stress (for example through attack from free radicals, pollution, UV radiation, changes in temperature or humidity, exposure to chemicals and irritants), the body creates a cascade of enzymes and other biochemicals to deal with the aggressor. If stress becomes chronic (if the barrier layer of the skin is impaired, or if the skin is out of balance), this cascade of enzymes can eat away at the collagen and elastin in the skin and cause premature ageing. Research has shown that inflammaging can cause more damage to the skin than the original aggressor.

S5 Skincare uses organic cosmeceuticals from very diverse environments on the planet. Is there a link between the climate attributes of these different areas and the effect that plant ingredients from these regions have on the skin.

Extremophilic (extreme climate loving) organisms adapt to the harsh conditions they live in by creating specific defence mechanisms. We have found that climate attributes of the source region point to the specific benefit we see on the skin.

Desert temperatures can exceed 60 degrees c and then drop to below 0 degrees at night. The humidity is as low as 5%. Organisms that survive in these conditions have developed specific mechanisms to maintain cellular stability and hydration levels. Desert actives have the same function when used on extremely dry skin.

In Arctic conditions, the water molecules inside cells form ice crystals that can permanently damage cellular structure. Arctic organisms generate cryoprotective mechanisms to prevent this damage and to promote cell cohesion and regeneration. When used on the skin Arctic bioactives dramatically strengthen the cellular matrix, boosting collagen and reducing the appearance of wrinkles on prematurely ageing skin.

Marine ingredients survive in extremely hostile conditions, experiencing enormous changes in temperature and salinity as well as having to survive the physical stress of waves, tides and harsh winds. On the skin, Marine bioactives work in the same way, protecting, supporting and stabilising sensitive and redness-prone skin.

Rainforest plants are capable of sustaining life throughout torrential rain, sweltering heat, and oppressive humidity, and protecting themselves against excessive growth of bacteria. When used on the skin, Rainforest bioactives help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and provide a climate control system for the skin, balancing oil production, hydration and skin nutrition.

In Alpine ecosystems, plants have developed advanced defensive mechanisms to survive extreme altitude, low oxygen levels and high level exposure to solar radiation. When used on the skin, Alpine bioactives protect against free radicals and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

We often see people who need to treat multiple skin issues without increasing their irritation. Two common challenges many people deal with are adult acne and hyperpigmentation. How can the S5 Skincare range of targeted serums help someone’s who has acne or blemishes, but also areas of dryness and dehydration. Similarly, would you suggest any particular combination of products to effectively work to reduce hyper-pigmentation for someone with sensitive skin?

The S5 Skincare range has been designed to be customised to suit each individual’s skin concerns. There are 5 treatment serums in the range, which deal with blemishes, hyperpigmentation, sensitive and redness prone skin, dryness and premature ageing. There are also 2 cleansers (one for normal to dry skin and one for normal to oily and sensitive skin) and 2 moisturisers (one for normal to dry skin and one for normal to oily and sensitive skin). A cleanser and moisturiser should be selected on the basis of skin type and then the appropriate serums can be applied after cleansing or blended into the moisturiser, or into another serum, if more than 1 serum is required.

For example if someone has blemishes but also dehydrated skin, they could choose the S5 Skincare Restore Cream as their daily moisturiser as this is ultra hydrating for dry, dehydrated skin, and then apply the S5 Skincare Purity Serum to the areas suffering from blemishes.

If someone has sensitive skin, they can use the S5 Skincare Neutralise Cleanser and the Balance Fluid, as these are suitable for sensitive skin, and then treat the skin with the S5 Skincare Illuminate Serum in the areas of hyperpigmentation, and also use the calm serum if there are areas of redness. The Illuminate Serum is hypoallergenic and contains a very gentle enzyme based exfoliant rather than an AHA so it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

There are so many amazing bio-actives in S5 Skincare. Which extreme ecosystem produces your favourite ingredient, and why is it top of your list?

Perhaps the most profoundly anti-ageing ingredient we have ever found in our years of research are the arctic bioactives that we use in the S5 Skincare Renew Serum. They are glycoproteins produced by a single celled organism found in Antarctica to defend its cellular structure from the extreme cold. They deliver a 44% reduction in wrinkle depth after 30 days which beats any synthetic peptide we benchmarked as well as a 128% increase in collagen production. We have seen amazing results from them in our tests with volunteers and on ourselves.