THE INTERVIEW: Meet Dr Pauline Hili From Newly Launched Organic Skincare Brand Nourish

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We chat to the founder of the Nourish Skin Range Dr Pauline Hili about the nature and science that went into creating the latest organic skincare line to arrive at Content…..

With a decades long career in natural and organic product formulation, you bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to Nourish Skin Range. Can you tell us more about your career and your main motivation in starting Nourish?

I have to date had a really exciting and fulfilling career. I have been able to work with some really smart people on many aspects of product development from research all the way through to innovative product development and product design. My passion is research and I have been very fortunate to have been able to combine academic research with a career in industry. I also find the organic supply chain hugely exciting in the possibilities it offers the product developer. I am currently working with a number of suppliers on some really interesting new materials. The main motivation in starting Nourish was to continue in the innovative and research pathway and work with technology to better inform the beauty product consumer and create new and interesting products and to be very self directing in the research elements. I have published a few research papers on the benefits of many plant materials in supporting collagen and elastin and also on the antimicrobial properties of essential oils and would like to continue in these areas.

Is there an ingredient that surprised you most in terms of its effectiveness when you were formulating the Nourish skincare products?

There are a few favorites in the Nourish Skin range. The one I feel most excited by is the Apple Water which we had created for use in our cosmetics. It contains apple glycans, known to stimulate cell to cell communication and has a terrifically smoothing effect on the skin. It also provides something different for the natural product consumer from the general aroma profiles in products that are out on the market place. It can be found in the Nourish Balance range.

I have also been really surprised by the combined brightening effects of Foxberry Extract and Tonka Bean Extract. This synergistic effect was a real bonus when working with these material.

With many of us suffering with overly sensitized or reactive skins, we are always on the look out for new products to help calm and soothe our skin. What makes Relax, your sensitive skin range different?

The subject of sensitive skin is extremely interesting. We recently looked at the results of a survey which asked over 2,000 women which out of the following group of words (‘organic and natural’ / ‘anti-ageing’ /  ‘for sensitive skin’ / ‘lovely fragrance’) would most influence their choice of moisturiser. The top choice was shared between ‘anti-ageing’ and ‘for sensitive skin’ – each achieving approximately 31% of the vote.

Many people believe they have sensitive skin and also believe they are sensitive to particular ingredients. Our relax range is aimed at catering for sensitive skin. We have used a synergistic blend of bisabool and ginger root extract specifically blended to mitigate and halt the immunilogical reactions that cause an allergic reaction. This combined with with a high oil to water ratio in the emulsions, high humectant content and and a particular source and species of lavender has made the range very suitable for sensitive skin types.

It is important to remember that the skin is a dynamic organ, influenced by many external factors.  The level of sensitivity can change depending on a range of internal and external factors. The Nourish Skin Range encourages people to move away from the idea of being stuck in a particular skin type and use products that suit the current characteristics of their skin at any given time – be it weekly, monthly or seasonally. Even though you may have a core genetic skin type, how the skin is expressing itself is influenced by a number of factors and the Nourish nature/nuture range allows you to adjust your skin care regime accordingly.

Increasingly serums are becoming hero products of skincare ranges. What is the best way to use the Nourish Skin Serums?

The Nourish Serums can be used either before application of moisturiser or after. They are light and readily absorbed. We suggest using them over the moisturiser to lock in the lipid layer from the moisturiser and create a protective barrier to the outside world.

Taking care of our skin extends beyond topical products, can you tell us your favourite wellbeing or lifestyle tip for skin?

There is a ritual from the worlds oldest population, the Okinawans, known as Hara Haci Bu. This translates to ‘eat only until you are 80% full’. The practice of reducing our calorific intake has now been shown pretty conclusivly to extend our health and quality of life. Eat well and exercise more would be my lifestyle tip for the skin.