5 Tips for Beautiful Skin from Vapour Organic Beauty Founder Krysia Boinis

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Since launching in the UK at CONTENT, Vapour Organic Beauty has become one of the most popular organic cosmetic brands we stock. Known for their clever formulas and light-reflective technology, we are excited to stock the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation and the Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector. With fans such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel, we asked founder Krysia Boinis what the Vapour secret for beautiful skin is.

  1. Non–Toxic Products: Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs a percentage of what we put on it. Be mindful of the products you apply topically by using non–toxic, organic products that enhance natural beauty and support inner and outer health.
  2. Exfoliate: Remove complexion dulling dead skin cells from the surface of your skin to reveal a fresh bright face. I like to begin my day with Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. It is effective, gentle and smells amazing. And did you know a smooth complexion makes for flawless surface makeup application? Don’t ignore the rest of your body. After my morning workout, I exfoliate and support the removal of toxins with a few minutes of dry body brushing and shower with an exfoliating scrub like Weleda’s Birch Body Scrub.
  3. Beauty Sleep: Quality sleep is vital to looking and feeling beautiful. Sleep optimises the natural secretion of human growth hormone, which promotes cell turnover and collagen production. Sleep is essential to avoid puffy eyes and dark circles.
    • Beauty Sleep 101 – How To:
      • Create the ideal sleeping space that is quiet, dark and cool.
      • Keep a regular sleep schedule.
      • Stop using digital media 1 hour before bedtime.
      • If you use caffeine, stop ingesting it 4 hours before bedtime.
      • Relax before bed with a ritual like: reading, a hot bath or a cup of herbal tea.
  4. De-Stress: Take steps to manage stress. I start every day with a variety of yoga, circuit training, weightlifting &/or meditation. Mixing up my morning practice keeps my routine fresh and helps me fit it all into busy weeks without adding more stress! Other stress reducing activities I relish are deep tissue massage, steaming and acupuncture.  Each of these activities minimise stress and reduces the release of stress hormones that worsen conditions like inflammation, chronic illness and various skin conditions.
  5. Lymphatic Facial Massage: This is my most treasured beauty secret. I perform this simple ritual every evening when I remove my make-up. Lymphatic facial massage will noticeably change the appearance of your complexion. It improves skins appearance from the inside out by helping stimulate fibroblasts to release collagen and restore skin elasticity, tone and texture. Lymphatic facial massage removes toxins, increases oxygen and nutrient to flow to the skin, and reduces inflammation & puffiness.
    • How To:
      • The key is to open the lymph pathways that drain fluid from the face before massaging the face. To begin, gently stroke downward from in front of your ears, down neck to collarbone several times.
      • Begin stroking gently from the centre of your forehead at the hairline outward to temples and down in front of your ears. Then stroke down your neck to the collarbone.
      • Continue the same series of motion out and down from: centre of forehead, centre of eyebrows, bridge of nose, tip of nose, above lips and finally your chin and jaw line.