THE EXPERT: Mike Booth from AEOS Skincare explains Crystal Energy

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Using colour therapy and crystal energy are relatively new concepts in skincare and the beauty industry but ones that are becoming more visible with brands such as Lush launching colour wheels for use when making product choices. At the forefront of this trend is AEOS Skincare who draw on a history of colour therapy and use of crystal energy. We spoke to Mike Booth the Chairman of AEOS about how the essences of crystals work within the products.


How do the crystal essences in the AEOS range help on an energetic level?
They are synergistic, working as part of a whole with the herbs and the plants and the other energetics of colour and light contained within the AEOS products.
As human beings we are 7/10 water and the other 3/10 of ourselves is related to that which comes from the Earth. The structure of that 3/10 of ourselves gives us a chance for light to be absorbed and assimilated. Crystals are, in a way, solidified light. The interface that they create with our Being touches us on a very deep level. The cellular structure (the RNA and DNA) may be affected by receiving the messages of the crystals and gems.


How that works is: single cells have learnt to co-operate with one another to become complex cellular organisms.The pattern within a crystal or gem may have taken several hundred thousands of years to develop as a light structure made manifest in form – primary patterning of light frequencies. The crystals are giving a real pattern of something which is the movement of the universe itself that has been developed over a really long period of time, so when those patterns are within a substance (i.e. AEOS products) then whats happening is that we have a possibility of those inherent structures being  taken up by the body … the message is one that can be absorbed through our physicality towards wholeness.


If you get a primary pattern of light (that is in harmony with the universe) it stimulates the possibility of harmony, in accord with everything in nature, which can help to promote vibrant health.  The opposite, is incoherent patterns (e.g. synthetic ingredients) that produce allergies, skin problems etc. If you get the “right” harmonic message going on to the skin and being absorbed by the body then it can promotes more wholeness.
The energy from crystals and gems is in pure form. It is pure energy. It has had all that time to grow in harmony with the way in which nature grows. In the order of the movement of the planets. The energy is something that when transferred in to the AEOS product is also helping with the primary patterning to be remembered within ourself which is about coming in to harmony/wholeness with ourself.


How does this  “energy” run through the AEOS company?
I believe that the company is a living organism. Our Demeter-certified biodynamic Shire Farm in the Lincolnshire wolds is a living systems, with the grains, the cows, the sheep, the bees, all a representation of the cycles of life. It is the same thing within the company. People may come for a job, but actually they are called to the company for a process to go through themselves. Some are aware of this and some are not. We’re not here to judge that process. We’re knowing that we’re part of an organism that is developing, and that organism is developing energetic patterning in the world.


The core products within Aura-Soma, through which the energetics of AEOS has been developed, have been in existence for 30 years, and the organism (company/brand) has been developed in well over 50 countries throughout the world.  At present, we are in a period of accelerated growth. This seems to be in accord with nature and prophecy. So, continuously we are trying to find a stillness in the midst of all this movement to be able to find the clarity to offer something that may be beneficial to the end user of the products throughout the world.


One of  the key intentions within the laboratory in what we term “the energizing room”, is the intention that “nothing will activate in any of the products, unless it is for the greater good of the person that is using them“. We call this the primary intention. I also like to think and feel that love is part of this primary intent.