THE EVENT: Highlights From The Event With Rose-Marie Swift from rms beauty

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We are always inspired by people who strike out on their own to make the kind of changes they want to see in the world. We had the opportunity a few weeks ago to spend some time in conversation with one such person, Rose-Marie Swift, creator and driving force behind RMS Beauty. Attendees gathered in the morning at 42 Raw for juices and breakfast while Rose-Marie educated and enlighten us with her wealth of knowledge on health, beauty and the industry. First up, Rose-Marie gave us the background to the range and explained why certain ingredients are used….

RMS Beauty is a range based around raw, organic, cold centrifuge processed coconut oil, superior quality to refined, bleached, deodorized oil.  This type of processing leaves the large acids intact in the oil, specifically Lauric Acid, which helps to heal and restore the skin while strengthening the skin’s own protective barrier, its acid mantle. Rose- Marie’s top tip for checking it is the best quality? Smell it – if it doesn’t smell like fresh coconut leave it on the shelf.

A stickler when it comes to ingredients, Rose-Marie personally sources all her own raw ingredients for the RMS Beauty range. For those new to the concept she went on to explain why raw and cold processed ingredients are so important in skincare and cosmetics – essentially, less processing = more nutrients. For example, think about broccoli. Raw or lightly steamed, it is full of vitamins and minerals essential to health, but when boiled and over-cooked it looses its vibrant color and turns to mush, yielding very little in the way of nutrition. In the RMS Beauty range, only the highest quality of real raw plant oils and butters are used. The range is free from GMO and soy, and is designed to improve the skin over time, enhancing the complexion and nourishing the skin.

Here are a few tips, tricks, and interesting facts about the RMS Beauty range we picked up on the day.…

Lip & Skin Balm – In Vanilla & Cocoa

  • This was the 1st award winning product in the range
  • It contains bee propolis, which is anti-microbial, and healing to the skin while gently exfoliating dry dead cells.
  • Safe for both lips and eye area, and great for those who needs a little extra protection in the winter.

Un-Cover Up – Available in 4 shades

  • Long lasting, natural looking skin enhancement
  • The oils help disguise and shrink pores around the nose.
  • Nourishes the skin and won’t dry it out like other concealers
  • Great for covering redness. Rosacea sufferers find this particularly benefical.

Living Luminizer – Beauty Editor Favourite

  • Uses the smallest size mineral particles. These are more expensive, but the melt into the skin and look radiant not glittery or garish.
  • Makes the skin look dewy, glowing, and lit from within.
  • Use to highlight your best features!

Lip2Cheek Soft & Sheer or Bold & Bright

  • These colors won’t bleed, as there is no synthetic dye* or carmine.
  • With nourishing Argan oil and antioxidant rosemary extract.
  • These melt effortlessly into the skin, giving a natural flush or a radiant stain depending on how you apply them
  • Muse perfect as a blush for those with Rosacea or just rosy cheeks. It offers a hint of colour and glow to your natural blush.

Cream EyeshadowsRadiant Shades for All Ages

  • Nourishing for the eye area, and will not dry out skin around eye!
  • Contain 3+ different mineral pigments in each blend, so they naturally highlight and contour. Beautiful eyes made easy!
  • Offering a veil of color, not an opaque layer, these give a naturally radiant finish, looking healthy and youthful, not harshly metallic.
  • Solar also works well as a highlighter on darker skin tones.
  • Shadows can be used in the brows too. Try Solar for a some glitz or Karma on darker brows

RMS Beauty Oil – Beauty Sleep in a Bottle

  • Formulated by an independent small lab.
  • Contains oils rarely used by the mainstream beauty industry due to their cost. Including Buriti Oil, a seed oil with the highest Vitamin A – Beta Carotene content, which has also been found to absorb UV radiation!**
  • Contains Olive Leaf Extract which is anti-fungal and vitality increasing for the skin.
  • No essential oils, so great for those with sensitivities to essential oils.

SPECIAL MENTION: On the horizon is the launch of a new setting powder. Silky soft and micro fine spherical silica is non-drying, does not block pores, and helps give a smooth, more satin finish to the skin. We got a sneak peak at the event, and can’t wait for it to hit our shelves. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when this wonder powder launches!

*Smile contains .2% safe synthetic pigment. You just can’t get that beautiful coral shade from minerals.

**Absorption and photoluminescence of Buriti Oil