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Tick, tock, tick, tock… January 2016, here we come! If you’re anything like us, you’ll be wondering where this year has gone, whilst working on your resolutions to kick off the new year with positivity and good intentions. So, we thought we’d throw ours out there #FromTheShopFloor – as well as providing some inspiration, we’re hoping having them on a public forum will also maximise our chances of fulfilling them! Get them below.

Imelda Burke – Go to bed earlier and sleep more at night. Spend less time online and more time off line.

Shelly Lake Simple. Learning to live in the present!!

Mai Vi Ferraro So, honestly at the moment I am very concentrated on the present and I’m not really thinking about any new year resolution yet. But my biggest goal for next year is to get full extension and flexibility in my spine and do some wonderful contortion acts. As it didn’t happen this year, I’ll work on it in 2016.

Pip Coulthard Firstly, drink more water. Secondly, have a green smoothie at least four times a week. Thirdly, start an Art History course… lastly, and most importantly, try not to stress my self out with all of these things.

Suzie Winsor My new years resolution is to do a half marathon race in my hometown and see more of the world.

Liz Marchetti – De-clutter my surroundings, as well as my life in general – throw away anything I don’t need physically or mentally, to make space for the new. I also want to be more present and in the moment. As much as I love to do lists, I aim to spend less time planning, strategizing and actually playing and ‘doing’ – even if it’s just for the fun of it and a bit of sillyness! Finally, consume less meat, drink more water and exercise more…don’t we all?

Annie Matafonov  My aim is to simplify – I want my to start my year off wanting less, using less and being a bit much more mindful of my everyday wastage. (I am on a bit of an anti-wastage mission). Things like saying no to bottled water and reducing my food waste will be top of my new years resolution list as well as things like walking everywhere I possibly can and buying local rather than imported produce. I will be rounding my list off with the aim of spending more time outside and working on my green thumb and committing to finally mastering the Spanish language (¡Ojalá!)

Magda Tiesler To breathe more! Have more awareness of my breathing and be more aware. Instead of shallow breathing, take long, deep calming breaths instead.