The Content Shopping List Of Soil Association Certified Organic Food and Snacks

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To kick off #OrganicSeptember we thought we’d give you a glimpse into the #contentkitchen fridge and pantry to fill you in on some of our Soil Association certified organic #skinfood favourites. Whether you are in the midst of making the switch to all organic, challenging yourself to partake in an entirely organic September or simply after some new ideas for things to try, print out our #contentkitchen   grocery list of Soil Association certified organic foods for some inspiration on your next shopping trip.


Sprouted Oats and Buckwheat: Stuck in a breakfast rut? Change up your usual morning cereal with this sprouted variety which is much easier on digestion. We enjoy ours for breakfast topped with organic berries. We also use these sprouted oats in our baking (check out our Maca Fruit & Nut Bread) and sprouted buckwheat to add some crunch when sprinkled on the top of our favourite Content Smoothies www.sun&

Organic Muesli: For a quick breakfast option, Alara’s range of certified organic muesli’s offer a great variety of refined sugar and gluten free options. We love their Active Muesli perfect pre or post-workout or the anti-oxidant rand #skinfood friendly goji and cranberry variety.

Organic Spelt: British grown and certified organic, Spelt is an ancient alternative to wheat when baking bread. Make up a batch topped with your favourite organic veggies, herbs, seeds and organic feta.

Brown Rice, Quinoa, Millet: We love infinity foods for their wide range of certified organic grains and dry goods. Serve alongside our lunch or dinner or enjoy these grains as an alternative to porridge in the cooler months.

Soba Noodles: Great when serving up Asian inspired dishes, we love topping Clearspring noodles with grated veggies, lots of ginger and Clearspring’s Toasted Tamari Seeds or Almonds.


Dairy: If you struggle with digesting pasteurised dairy, Hook and Son’s organic raw milk is a must-try. Other more supermarket available options include brands such as Yeo Valley and Rachel’s Organic. , ,

Eggs: Certified organic is the way to go when choosing eggs. Riverford and Daylesford Farm only sell free-range eggs approved by the Soil Association ,

Meat: Here at Content we love a plant-based diet which may be supported by certified organic meat for those that like it. To ensure you’re getting the best in quality, with nitrate-free options available, these organic certified butchers are amongst some of the best in the business ,

Fish: Whilst wild-caught fish is best, if you must buy farmed, use this great guide to sustainability and provenance


Nut Butter & Plant-Based Oils: We love Primrose Kitchen and Carleys Organic Nut Butters added to our oatmeal, smeared over toast or blended into energy balls with our favourite superfoods whilst Sun & Seeds Walnut Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil are great drizzled over salads. When it comes to Coconut Oil, check out the Essence Of Eden brand for a Soil Association certified organic variety. , , www.sun&


Tea: Here at Content we drink herbal tea all day long. The certified organic varieties by Clipper, Pukka, Clearspring and Yogi Tea’s are some of our favourites.,,,

Green Juice: Planet Organic have just launched their certified organic cold-pressed range instore and Plenish is available at several locations including the Natural Kitchen.

Nuts & Seeds: Clearspring Tamari Almonds, Cashews and Pumpkin Seeds are great as a snack on their own or added to salads and stir-fries.

Crackers: Great for accompanying salads, soups or smearing with nut and seed butters or hummus for an energy packed snack on the go – we love switching up Clearspring’s rice cakes with rawLICIOUS flaxseed crackers.,

Love Raw Bars: Our go-to organic snack bar, we always have one in our handbag for an instant organic pick-me up.

Raw Chocolate:  vegan, organic, naturally sweetened with coconut blossom and featuring a whole array of superfood additions, we always have a bar of raw chocolate in our pantries for when that sweet tooth strikes or for something a little different, we love the Raw Choc Company chocolate covered mulberries.


Organic Gluten Free Flour: We love the array of gluten free flours by Doves Farm or Big Oz, great for baking up healthy treats like this recipe by Deliciously Ella. ,


If you don’t live close to a farmers market or health-food store then below we have some box scheme suggestions to ensure you’re eating organic no matter where your location.

  • Most supermarkets will now have a selection of organic products but we love Planet Organic’s selection as it is the UK’s largest fully certified organic supermarket.www.planetorganic.con
  • When it comes to buying our fruit and veg, we love the Growing Communities Box Scheme which source produce from Soil Association certified market gardens right here in the heart of the London.
  • Riverford offers a range of organic boxes including a handy box with 3 meals worth of ingredients within so no matter if you’re %100 organic or trying to incorporate more into your diet – with this clever box you’re guaranteed a few nights worth of Organic dinners without the need for meal planning!
  • Ocado has increased its selection of organic produce over the past few years and even have a Soil Association certified box scheme.

For more box schemes check out this handy tool for finding local certified organic box schemes from the Soil Association their website.