The Content Guide To London’s Best Nut Milks

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Love your nut milk? In this week’s #ContentKitchen guide we’ve rounded up our favourite selections for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home, on-the-go and at your next leisurely lunch out with friends.

Milk Delivery
As many nut milk brands available in your local health food store can contain as little as 2% nuts and are often full of ‘extra’ ingredients and sweeteners, below are our favourite go-to nut milk brands that deliver raw, organic and all-natural products direct to your door…

The Pressery – The first company with a sole focus on plant-based milks, this London based company boasts a range of flavours all featuring raw, soaked and organic unpasterurised almonds (as much as 12%!) as the base. Right now we’re loving their anti-inflammatory Turmeric Milk that they’ve cleverly combined with cayenne and balanced with raw honey. Whilst their milks are used by an increasing number of cafes in place of dairy and a selection is available at Selfridges, if you don’t want to venture into the West End you can also order online at

Almond Benefits: Topping our list of favourite #skinfoods, almonds offer a great source of healthy plant-based fats and protein, are full of calcium and rich in skin-loving Vitamin E. A potent anti-inflammatory, almonds are additionally a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, especially beneficial for those who don’t include oily fish in their diets.

Raw Fairies – One of London’s original raw food delivery companies, nut milk lovers should be excited about the new Raw Fairies selection of organic, raw and living plant milks, all made with 20% sprouted organic nuts and seeds. Delivered in old-school glass milk bottles, these milks are great poured over their raw granola that comes as part of their breakfast delivery – a service we love for it’s reminiscence of the original Milk Man delivery we had as children! Our pick? Try the Sesame Milk.

Sesame Seed Benefits: Full of an array of beneficial vitamins and minerals, Sesame Seeds are especially rich in zinc, an essential mineral for producing collagen, strengthening skin elasticity and helping to repair damaged tissues in the body. Sesame Seeds are also significantly high in magnesium which boosts mood and regulates sleep.

If you’ve been having your cold-pressed juice delivered, you will have noticed nut milks popping up as part of your cleanse. We love Raw to Door’s Chai-Maca, sweetened with date water and flavoured with some of our favourite superfoods and Plenish for their cacao, maca, cashew variety. If you’re as big a fan of Radiance as we are, get excited –  as well as their creamy Cashew Milk, this November will mark the launch of their Winter Cleanse which will contain a warming milk featuring ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg – the perfect healthy winter warmer.

Grab and Go Milks

Juice Tonic – Featuring a selection of raw, activated and organic nut milks, Juice Tonic uses raw osmosis water as the base of their milks to provide the purest product possible. Our favourite? Their Brazillian Nut Milk, made using only 5 ingredients – brazil nuts, dates, water, vanilla bean and Himalayan sea salt.

Brazil Nut Benefits: Rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals, Brazil Nuts contain the highest dietary source of selenium, often included in supplements for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Juice Well – This is our pick for post-workout hydration. If you’re as coconut crazy as we are, you’ll love this cold-pressed take on coconut milk, featuring nothing but young thai coconut meat and young thai coconut water. Yum!

Coconut Benefits:  Whilst we’ve known about the benefits of electrolyte rich coconut water for after-exercise hydration for a while now, the addition of coconut meat in this version adds a dose of protein when you need it most.

Raw Press – Can’t seem to ditch the coffee habit? Make your 1 a week count with Raw Press’ ‘Coffee & Mylk’ blended using organic young thai coconut water combined with raw and organic soaked almonds, cold-brewed coffee, medjool dates, fresh vanilla bean and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt. Check out the full recipe here.

Cold-brewed coffee benefits: Good news for coffee lovers, cold-brew coffee yields a much lower acid and caffeine content than the conventional variety!

Lab Organic – Love your green juice? Just launched is a flavour of cold-pressed activated, raw and organic nut milk almost as green as your daily juice. Featuring a blend of raw almonds, cashews, dates and vanilla bean combined with organic spinach, romaine, kale and parsley, we can’t wait to get our hands on this one.

Benefits of combining greens and fats: Did you know that the body is better able to absorb certain vitamins and minerals from green vegetables when combined with a healthy source of fat? The incorporation of organic greens with healthy fat from raw almonds and cashews in Lab Organic’s newest addition, helps nutrient absorption.

Sit and Sip Milks

Tanya’s Café – With a host of 100% organic raw food and drink on offer, no trip to Tanya’s would be complete without a bottle of ‘My Sweet Surrender’, a creamy blend of cacao and hazelnut milk, sweetened with dates and vanilla and enhanced with cold-pressed, organic Medicine Flower extracts to really bring out the nutty nuances.

Hazelnut benefits: Exceptionally rich in B vitamins, incorporating hazelnuts into your diet is a great way to ensure you’re getting your daily dose. Not only are B vitamins responsible for dismantling the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the food we eat into the energy we require to function, they are additionally responsible for the body’s production of serotonin- the feel good hormone.

Roots & Bulbs- If you haven’t noticed already, matcha nut milks are popping up in every corner of London which is fantastic news for coffee lovers due to the lower levels of caffeine it contains which still produces a slight ‘buzz’ without the dreaded crash that usually follows suit. We’ve found that Roots & Bulbs organic  Matcha almond milk is the most similar consistency to that morning latte.

Matcha:  A great source of energy for those who covet the ‘coffee buzz’, matcha is an exceptionally more nutritious option than your daily cup of jo. Containing a quarter of the amount of caffeine, this small amount binds with matcha’s phytonutrients in a way that slows the body’s absorption of the caffeine for longer lasting energy. Matcha is also rich in antioxidants, namely catechin EGCg, known for its ability to counteract the effects of free radicals from environmental factors such as pollution, UV rays and synthetic chemical exposure.

The Good Life Eatery – Whilst containing similar ingredients to Roots & Bulbs variety, the thing we love most about the Good Life Eatery’s raw almond milk is the inclusion of coconut oil to to provide us with long lasting energy when we are powering through a West London shopping trip.

Coconut Oil: Full of an array of skin, brain and body boosting nutrients and essential fatty acids, coconut oil provides a concentrated source of fuel that is immediately absorbed by the body and used as energy.

Daylesford Farmshop & Cafe – Organic, raw and the perfect addition to their new deliciously healthy menu, Daylesford’s b CALM, an organic and raw blend of almonds, filtered water, raw honey, chia seeds, vanilla and cinnamon has been designed to aid your nervous system and mind thanks to its high magnesium content.

Chia Seeds Benefits: Energy boosting, blood sugar stabilising, digestion enhancing and cholesterol lowering, these little seeds contain high levels of tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for regulating appetite, enhancing mood and improving sleep.

PurEarth at Gails Bakery – Certified by the Soil Association, we love the “I am Nutty” mylk by PurEarth, a rich and creamy blend of Brazil nuts, filtered water, raw Cacao nibs, raw Cacao powder, Dates, Vanilla and Himalayan salt now available at select Gails Bakery’s throughout London.

Cacao benefits: Rich in skin-loving antioxidants, cacao is one of the best dietary sources of magnesium, the mineral needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in our bodies including mood and sleep regulation. Additionally, magnesium supports heart, muscle and nerve functioning and contains Phenylethylamine which helps us to stay focused and alert.